Women more likely to wed
STOCKHOLM — According to newly released statistics, more Swedish female than male same-sex couples have chosen to marry since they first received the right this May.

Thirty-seven female couples have been married so far, compared to only 11 male couples, reports TheLocal.se. The Swedish news website also reports that the number of children parented by same-sex couples registered under the nation’s domestic partnership law has increased tenfold over the last decade.

Right before 2000, less than 70 children lived with same-sex parents. Eight years later close to 750 children live with parents in same-sex relationships. The overwhelming majority — 706 compared with 43 — of the children have female parents.

“If you want to be crass, you can say that it’s easier for female same-sex couples to have children,” Ulrika Westerlund, vice chairman of the the Swedish Federation for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Rights (RFSL), told Svenska Dagbladet newspaper. “Since 2002, same-sex couples have been allowed to adopt, but there hasn’t been a single case that has been approved where it wasn’t the adoption of a close relative.”

New gay ‘house’ for 2010 Olympics
VANCOUVER — At each Olympic games, several “houses” are organized for athletes and diplomats to socialize and relax. They include houses like the U.S.A. House, a Russia House and a Holland House. At the 2010 Olympics, a new Pride House has been organized for LGBT athletes and officials.

Dean Nelson, executive of the GayWhistler production company, is organizing the house. His company has been the organizer of Winter Pride, formerly Gay Ski Week. This year they attracted 2,800 people.

The Pride House is believed to be the first house organized for LGBT athletes, their family and friends.
Some Olympic houses require olympic feats to enter. Nelson says the Pride house will be different and that there will be no requirement for entry.

“Our space is very inclusive,” he told The New York Times.

Matt Comer

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