I am an out and proud Christian. I am a fiscal conservative. I am also a lesbian, so let me just say how psychologically damaging it is to be told by complete strangers that what you do in the privacy of your own home is unnatural, you’re sick in the head, that the right man hasn’t given it to you the right way, that you’re going to hell, that you need to be fixed, that you’re probably a pedophile, that you are destroying the institution of marriage or that you are bringing the wrath of God upon your country. This is what the Republican Party does and these are the ideas it supports.

The collective hate from nearly half of this country, championed by the GOP is psychologically damaging. It causes people to kill themselves, it legitimizes violence, it is immoral and it is sick. The GOP is in its death throes. They have strayed so far from conservative, small government, individual rights and their other core values that the party needs to go ahead and die so that it can rise like a phoenix from the ashes and move in the right (no pun intended) direction.

My fiancée and I feel very alone. Who will fight for us? We are expected to tip-toe around society, not offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities by talking about each other or discussing our future plans. We are constantly dehumanized and I absolutely will not vote for politicians who propagate hate and, as a result, indirectly endanger my life.

I do not agree with a lot of Obama’s policies, but I wept when he said he supported gay marriage. Mitt Romney’s flip-flop to the anti-gay right was a political move in the wrong direction. Not only will he lose this election, but he will go down in history as a bigot. The Democratic Party officially supports gay marriage. I will be voting for my rights this election. I will be voting for my humanity. If I’m taxed 75 percent that’s okay with me, though such a thing really won’t happen. What will happen is the world will be a place where I can worry less about being killed, where I will think less about killing myself, and where I can be myself. : :