You know Trinity,
All this complaining and inside fighting between the gay men, lesbians and the bisexual community over the “transgender” community makes gay rights so much less powerful! Don’t you agree?
Yours, Transgender Rights, Portland, OR

You know T.R.,
Long ago, there was a time when gays, lesbians and bisexuals wouldn’t even talk to each other, never mind fight together. And being distant from transgender people was also the norm. Today, the LGBTQ movement is still trying to sort out the queens from the kings. It’s also trying to find itself while fighting together against the enemy. Yes, inside fighting makes “gay” rights less powerful, but at least we’re together fighting! Aren’t we all transgender in some way, anyway?
Love, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
You have written before about raising children as gay parents. But do you have any suggestions as to how to teach children about gay culture and life?
Rainbow Parents, Hartford, CT

Hello Rainbow Parents,
Children only know what we teach them. They sense what’s innately right and wrong within themselves and within you. So don’t hide for too long. Be proud, patient and read them plenty of those educational children’s books, which focus on gay themes. PS: I adopted triplet boys when they were 15, in 2005. And it has been a great journey! (It might seem frightening to raise children, but it is so much fun. Check out my cartoon to see how!)
Good Luck, Trinity

Dear Trinity,
When dating someone you really like can you tell him or her “too much” about yourself?
Sincerely, Too Much, Miami, FL

Dear Too Much,
Yes, yes and yes again! The biggest challenge of dating is to keep coming up with new and interesting things to do and say about yourself, otherwise if you give it all away too fast, there’s nothing to keep someone interested. It’s always best to keep a bit of mysteriousness about your self. Mystery evokes intrigue and excitement! Remember, adults have secrets, children tell their parents everything!
Now Shush! Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
My best friend does not want to be friends anymore because he’s now “gay” and I’m not. He says, “We’re not compatible anymore.” Don’t you think gay and straight people should teach each other things instead of always staying in our own communities?
Yours, Together But Different, Columbia, SC

Dearest Together,
I definitely think that gays and straights were put together on this planet for a reason. Besides decorating and fixing cars here’s:

Trinity’s Savvy Tips For What Gay Men Would Advise Straight Men And Vice Versa About Life

1. At least 3-5 times a week hit the gym, have a fabulous brunch or meet your friends (ex-lovers) for happy hour.
2. Once a week go to a play, ballet, opera and Broadway show or cruise area.
3. Once a month have a male cosmetologist wax, shave and groom your eyebrows, legs and or genitalia.
4. At least every few months TRAVEL to a foreign destination, i.e., Thailand, New Zealand or Fort Lauderdale.
5. Once a year do drag, attend a circuit party, take your mother on a trip and have a makeover.
6. Lastly, at least once in your lifetime, get really high and sleep with all your (good-looking) friends.
1. At least 3-5 times a week watch ESPN, have your buddies over for poker or down a brewsky after work.
2. Once a week go to a bowling alley, pool hall, car wash, sports bar or strip joint.
3. Once a month have a barber give you an old-fashion shave, a trim and top it off with his special aftershave.
4. At least every few months STAY HOME and watch the Home Improvement, Discovery or Travel channels.
5. Once a year do a rodeo, a rock concert, take your wife and kids to Disney and have your baseball hat cleaned.
6. Lastly, at least once in your lifetime, get really drunk and sleep with your ex-wife’s (young) girlfriends.

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