coming out
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Coming out can be difficult, especially when you realize you have to do it over and over again throughout your life. One’s perception of how the world will perceive them can play a big role in how that process will feel.

Upworthy produced a testimonial recently with a man from North Carolina who has a funny and heartwarming story to tell about coming out to his boyfriend’s niece.

“So I came out to my parents about ten years ago and the world didn’t end like I thought it was going to,” he says at the start of the video. “My parents love me and they want the best for me, so naturally they were a little scared for me. I’m from North Carolina and things are different down there and they don’t really understand that things are different everywhere else. And so they wanted to keep it kind of hush hush.”

He explains that he has lived with that situation for the past ten years and it clearly has had its effect on him.

He is currently in a long term relationship and lives with his boyfriend. He explains that one morning his boyfriend’s young niece came into the room to inquire about the nature of their relationship.

While she at first seems to disapprove, he quickly realizes that she is just in the saying-no-to-everything phase with which anyone who has spent time around young children is all too familiar.

When she tells him she loves him, he questions the fear he has been carrying around inside of him about not being accepted.

“It warmed my heart, because I saw that I had been living with this fear, for about ten years, of a world that is no longer around us,” he concludes. “We have a new generation of people who, despite the fact that they haven’t seen a fairy tale with two princes, (it) doesn’t mean that they are going to freak out or that they are going to judge me. The world is different now.”

Jeff Taylor / Social Media Editor

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