Hey Trinity,
Is revenge really so wrong?
The Revenger, Daytona Beach, FL

Hey Revenger,
You mean as in retaliation or vengeance, steal from, destroy or putting a mafia hit on someone or making someone’s life worse than death as in unethical public lawsuit? Well, if you’re talking about that then, yes, revenge is wrong, and why waste your time! However, sweetie, if you’re talking about over spending your ex’s credit cards, withholding sex from your spouse or completely avoiding someone who did you wrong, well then that’s not only good revenge, but that’s just good ole common sense! Carry on.

Hello Trinity,
I’ve been working on my art for years without success. I know dreams take time and hard work, but I’m thinking of quitting. Is it weak to give up on a dream for something more financially practical?
All Dreamed Out, Richmond, VA

tt_470_111816Hello All Dreamed Out,
Altering your dreams and how you go after them is for the intelligent and strong, giving up is… for everyone else. If you try and try and still fail, then take some healthy time off before, yes, trying it again differently. Honey, one alternative is to dream part-time while working part-time or getting a trade degree like hairdressing or construction, then using that income as reinvestment for your dreams. With a practical “fall back” you can “get back” to your dreams even better than before. For inspiration study the histories of Lincoln, Edison and others who never gave up! (Join the persistence brigade and continue to push toward your dreams like I have as shown in my cartoon with some great inspirations.)

Dearest Trinity,
My last date complained that I had to learn better boundaries. How pretentious is that?
Bewildered Boundaries, Indianapolis, IN

Dearest BB,
Whether it was pretentious or not, I must ask you, “Do you yourself have good boundaries?” I can’t help but think that as society spends more time alone, on the internet and/or sitting effortlessly watching hours of the Kardashians that the more boundaries themselves are becoming a lost art! Some people have many and some not enough. No matter what, pumpkin, it’s always good and healthy to keep checking in with yourself and with others to see where you are with your good or bad boundaries! Better luck next time.

Dear Trinity,
I threw a party, but everything went wrong. It was my first attempt at party throwing, and it will definitely be a while until my next one. Any tips for hosting?
Party Doubts, Louisville, KY

Dear Party Doubts,
Not only have I written “Trinity’s Uptown Tips For Hosting A Party,” but, baby, I also wrote:

Trinity’s Eleven Hats For Hosting A Party
1. The Organizer — forecasts the event, hires help and invites everyone via text, e-mail and/or snail mail.
2. The Purchasing Agent — decides what to buy, where to buy it and when to buy it, i.e., ice, just before the party.
3. The Head Chef — plans the menu and overseas the cooking, the food, the presentation and the table layout.
4. The Cook — just cooks (and lets the chef worry).
5. The Decorator — arranges the furniture, the lighting, the candles, the decorations and makes sure it all Feng Shuis (flows)!
6. The Cleaning Person — makes it all shine, especially the bathrooms and the common areas.
7. The DJ (disc jockey) — is in charge of the most important thing…ambiance with constant pre-, during- and post-event music.
8. The Server — continually presents food, rearranges half empty platters and passes out hors d’oeuvre (which is a must).
9. The Host — greets, takes coats, points out the bar and helps the guests meet each other (so that the host can get back to work)!
10. The Tidy-upper — constantly spruces up, cleans up and never worries about picking up someone’s drink (because everyone has labeled or different cups)!
11. The Post Event Breakdown Person — raps up and puts it all away (and never breaks a thing!)

info: With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking,” a weekly radio drama performed globally, and is now minister of sponsor, WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, wigministries.org. Learn more at telltrinity.com.