Hey Trinity,
I’ve often wondered what your answer would be if asked, “Why are some people gay and some not?”
In Question, Orlando, FL

Hey In Question,
Science says, “It’s the hypothalamus.” Religion says, “ It’s Divine or Undivine.” History says, “It’s been this way since the beginning of time.” And I say, “It’s simply normal and healthy to have diversity.” I’ve also thought that gay people were divinely created for the well being of a culture and to fill the gaps of non-gay people. I also think people are born bisexual with strong or week tendencies toward one or the other. Some find what that “one or the other” is and some stay bisexual. But, no matter what, pumpkin, respect, rejoice and read as many books on sexuality as you can.

Hello Trinity,
I’ve been trying for months to get the one I love to love me back. I know that I’ve found my soul mate. I send flowers, visit his work and even offer to pay off some of his debts, but still I get, “Not interested!” I’m out of things to do. Help?
Not Giving Up, Fire Island, NY

Hello N. G. U.,
Now let me get this right. You’ve done everything you can and still he’s “not interested!” Well, guess what? He’s not interested! Let me say that again just in case you missed it the first time: “he’s not interested” which means, he’s not interested! And, sweetie this also means move on! (Sometimes it takes a bit of pushing to get us to understand things. Just check my cartoon to see how I have done it.)

Dearest Trinity,
I went on a dinner date where everything went wrong, the food, the service and the way I reacted. What should I do next time?
Dinning Disaster, Albuquerque, NM  

Dearest Disaster,
Just when you think you’ve picked the perfect night, perfect restaurant and perfect menu, a full moon rises and disaster strikes. So, darling, when going on a date with someone new, at least for the first few dates, go to places with atmosphere, with food and with a waitperson you know. Go to familiar places and save unfamiliar dinning adventures for close friends and political enemies. Better luck next time.

Dear Trinity,
I recently moved to a new town and am trying to make new friends. I’ve made a few great friends, but I keep losing them for one reason or another. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. What does it take to be keep a friends?
Friendless, Flint, MI

Dear Friendless,
It’s really not easy knowing how to make a great friend. There are no books or classes to take, so it’s just trial in error. But, honey, before you end up on trial for looking like a fool here’s:

Trinity’s Fine Tips For How To Be A Great Friend

1. Never steal or mistreat each other’s girlfriends, boyfriends or MAC make-up!
2. Share and be kind to each other’s girlfriends, boyfriends or MAC make-up.
3. Take each other to parties, openings, events and family gatherings.
4. Lending each other money is great, but paying back is even greater.
5. Drinking, drugging, clubbing and late night adventures are wonderful reasons to keep a good friend nearby unless they’re the reason you’re doing it.
6. Helping each other through troubles, traumas and triumphs are fine, but being too helpful to the point of caretaking can destroy a friendship as well.
7. Yes, when you do finally get hitched, it’s hard to stay in touch with your friends, but you can make it work.
8. When your friend takes drugs and alcohol too far, you must get them help before saying, “I can’t deal with you anymore!”
9. Teaching each other to be eccentric, generous, adventurous and impractical are the main reason two people become friends.
10. Lastly, fighting, arguing, disagreeing and taking time away from each other is what makes strong, intense and long lasting friendships! : :

With a Masters of Divinity, Reverend Trinity hosted “Spiritually Speaking” a weekly radio drama performed globally and is now minister of WIG: Wild Inspirational Gatherings, wigministries.org. Learn more at telltrinity.com.