Greetings and salutations, kids! Welcome back to my contribution to the wonderful world of female impersonation pageantry. We have new national titleholders hither and yon and a few new on the local levels, too. I was able to attend two very exciting contests recently that I’ll be able to speak about, as well as others that I’ve rounded up “the tea” on.

First things first — we have a new Miss NC America. Hooray! It was held at the Scorpio. All kinds of dignitaries were in town, from former Misses America to former Misses NC. Victoria “Porkchop” Parker (or the Chopstein, as Carmella Marcella Garcia would call her) was giving it all up. It was quite a function, with the likes of Rachael Erikks and Maya Montana judging. Catia Lee Love emceed. Tiffany Bonet was in the house as was Jeff/Kerri Nichols. Our former Miss NC Sharde’ Ross also judged. Sharde’ is on her way back to Miss Gay U.S.ofA. Classic. Throw in the likes of Miss D. Meaner, Devida, Brandy Alexander (celebrating 43 years in the industry), Melissa Montgomery, Jamie Monroe, Kristin Collins (on her 10th anniversary) and Blair Williams. I’m sure I’ve missed someone, too. I’ll make corrections the next time once they have had the chance to read this Rag. One day, my dream will come true and they’ll get Stella Starr back this way, but I’ll shush for now.

The Top 6 included Starla DaVinci (who won the Toni Lenoir Prelim Talent Award); Emery Starr (who won On-stage and Gown); Detra Panucci (who won Solo Talent); Tracey Stephens (who won Overall Interview); Aqua St. Mark; and Cherries Jubilee. Vanessa Cottrell won the Brandy Alexander Horizon Award. Melissa Montgomery was awarded the Miss NC Hall of Fame that honors the late Rick Wildes (former promoter of Miss NCA and owner of Scorpio) for contributions to the art of F.I. Melissa was the first Miss NC to reign over city/area prelims. Best City Prelim went to Mike Travis of Legends. Jessica Reins Starr won the Tracy Morgan Best Non-Finalist Award and re-enacted her talent from the Broadway musical “The Drowsy Chaperone” that night.

There were a few contestants that qualified since my last Rag that Id love to recognize — Nairobi represented Miss Triad and actually won the Erica Van Cort Congeniality Award. Gobriel Brooks competed as Miss Capital City. Tracey Stephens won Miss Queen City with RU Briana Davis. Aqua St. Mark won Miss Metrolina with Coco Chanel as her RU. As you all know by now, Detra Panucci won Miss NC, and Tracey Stephens was her RU. They are off to St. Louis to compete at Miss Gay America as this Q-Notes hits the stands! They will be competing alongside Miss Mid-Atlantic Kristina Kelly, Miss Heartland Anastacia Beaverhausen and RU Alyssa Edwards (saywhat?), Miss Kansas Sparkel Iman, Miss FL (an NC gal herself) Monica Mohr and RU Jelitza Fearce, along with many others, of course. Hats off to Victoria DePaula on a great job as Miss Gay America and to Piggy Parker for being a great Miss NC!

Before we go on to Miss U.S.ofA. at Large, I’ll mention a few ladies who’ll be competing in May at Miss U.S.ofA., like Shantell D’Marco who won Miss TN, Jackie Roberts who won Miss Wisconsin and Miss Iowa, Natasha Cass.

I’ve only been back from Indianapolis not even a week as I write this and what a blast. I got to room with my sister, the Mella Monster, who was celebrating her 20th year as the first Miss At-Large. Wow is a word that instantly comes to mind. Ha! I cannot tell you how proud I was of the outgoing Tajma Hall, who was relinquishing her title. I heard glowing accolade after accolade about the consummate professional she was for them this past year. What an exemplary titleholder she’d been. It makes me proud of the old gal from Richmond Co., NC. Wonder what’s up her sleeve next? You didn’t think she wouldn’t compete again, did you? Surely you jest! At any rate, our new Miss U.S.ofA. at Large is April Reign of Las Vegas by way of Dayton, OH. She brought those hot-ass dancers from her Sin City prelim and turned the house out. A gorgeous Coco Vega down didn’t hurt. How lucky for her that she’s Coco’s roommate, right? April’s runners-up included the Lady Tahjee Iman, Victoria Parker (who were both fabulous), Alexis Nicole Whitney (an inspiration to all) and another Piggy — Angelica Sanchez (a Continental PLUS sister to Porkchop). Others in the Top 12 included Jerica Knight, Mizery, Miss NC Scarlett Dailey, Miss TX Samantha DeSante, Mia Inez Adams, Alyssa Williams, and Adina Ronee (who also won Most Beautiful). It was a great contest, and here is wishing April Reign my best for the upcoming year.

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