I am proud today to present to you a redesigned print edition of qnotes. It is my hope that this new, refreshed design will bring you more enjoyment as you flip through each of our biweekly print editions. For more than three decades, this newspaper has striven to offer you a positive reading experience while also fulfilling our core mission — to serve, to inform and to entertain our community.

With this physical redesign also comes a new addition to our editorial focus. Since 1986, we have diligently served the LGBTQ communities of Charlotte and those across the Carolinas through hard-hitting, independent journalism, arts and entertainment coverage and commentary. None of our work at qnotes is changing, but our community certainly has matured, grown and changed in the three decades since this institution was founded. LGBTQ people are as diverse and varied as the general public, and we want to serve as many people — including our allies — as possible. As we move forward, plan on seeing far more arts and entertainment features, as well as news on a variety of LGBTQ and mainstream progressive topics

Shortly, too, you will notice a revamped website, where we hope to improve your online reading experience as well. Stay tuned to these pages and our website for more on when we will launch your new online reading experience.

On a final note, we are disappointed to say that this physical redesign won’t be able to include a key feature when we began this process months ago. We had planned to provide you with upgraded paper quality, shifting away from the old, gray newsprint to a brighter, whiter, heavier-stock paper. We wanted to ensure the color on our pages popped and that you had a more vibrant reading experience. Unfortunately, President Donald Trump’s recent 30 percent increase on tariffs for newsprint products has stopped us from moving forward with these particular plans at the moment. In the future, we hope to revisit them.

Thank you for your continued readership and your support. I hope you, like me, will also extend a thank-you to our talented production and design staff. You hold in your hands today the product of months of visioning, planning, plotting and brainstorming — not to mention the weeks of hands-on work behind the scenes to make this redesign possible.