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The Human Rights Campaign is out with a new ad featuring Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross talking about their dedication to LGBTQ rights, titled “Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross for Equality.”

“We’re going to have an election that is truly going to be about fundamental rights: marriage equality, taking on the continuing discrimination against the LGBT community,” Clinton says at the start of the ad.

Then both Ross and Clinton are shown speaking against HB2 for opening up the community to discrimination. Ross speaks to the camera and Clinton is seen in footage of her speaking against the bill during campaign stops in North Carolina. In addition to speaking about the fundamental unfairness of the law, they also both mention the economic impacts that have come as a result of the boycotts that have followed in the wake of it being signed into law by Gov. Pat McCrory.

“I’m running for the LGBT teenager here in North Carolina who sees your governor sign a bill legalizing discrimination and suddenly feels like a second class citizen,” Clinton said at a campaign stop in Greensboro in September. “And if anyone wonders what the costs of discrimination are, just ask the people and businesses of North Carolina. Witness what’s happening with the NCAA and the ACC. This is where bigotry leads and we can’t afford it, not here or anywhere else.”

“House Bill 2 has hurt this state,” Clinton said at a rally at Wake Technical Community College later in the month. “But more than that, it’s hurt people. It has sent a message to so many people that, well, you know, you’re not really wanted. You’re not really part of us.”

Clinton and Ross have earned our endorsement in part due to their stance on the issue of equality.

By electing Hillary Clinton and Deborah Ross, North Carolinians will send a clear message that hate and discrimination will not be tolerated,” said HRC President Chad Griffin in a statement. “These two pro-equality champions have demonstrated their commitment to advancing LGBTQ rights time and again. Each and every day through Election Day, we are working to turn out the votes of the majority of North Carolinians who know discrimination is not a Tar Heel value.”

The organization has also released similar ads promoting three other Democratic candidates for U.S. Senate: Catherine Cortez Masto (Nevada), Katie McGinty (Pennsylvania) and Maggie Hassan (New Hampshire).

Ross is locked in a tight race against incumbent Sen. Richard Burr. While Burr has stated that HB2 is “too expansive,” he is in favor of the transgender portion which requires people to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching the gender on their birth certificate in public owned buildings.

“Now that he thinks it’s hurting his re-election chances, he’s changing his tune,” Ross spokesman Cole Leiter said. “Burr’s Washington-style politics of self-interest haven’t worked for North Carolina, and it’s time for a change.”

Ross has said the law should be repealed.

Burr is supporting Donald Trump for president, in spite of the 2005 “Access Hollywood” tape that shows him bragging of committing sexual assault and the allegations from numerous women claiming what he said in that footage was more than just “locker room talk” as he has tried to claim. Ross has used Burr’s support of Trump against him during the campaign closing weeks.

Clinton and Trump are also running neck and neck in North Carolina. The swing state is an important battle ground then not only for the outcome of the general election but also who will control the Senate.

Watch the new video from HRC below:

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