by Dale J. Pierce, Executive Director, Dudley’s Place

Our family here at Dudley’s Place has gained yet another member, so please join us in welcoming Brodderick Roary, Director of Special Populations, to our team! Brodderick has been working in Public Health for more than 15 years. He will oversee special projects, and development, support the Ryan White Part A and PrEP Programs, manage Dudley’s Place Couch Talks and Buddy Program. We will be launching the Dudley’s Place Buddy Program in the coming months. Brodderick is currently looking for members of the community to volunteer to become a Buddy.

Brodderick Roary

If you are someone who enjoys volunteering your time in the community to help others, we are looking for YOU.

More than 40 years into the HIV epidemic many of the people living with HIV still lack support from family and friends in relation to their diagnosis. They either feel uncomfortable talking about HIV with those close to them or they are having difficulty in navigating the stigma that is often associated with being positive. Dudley’s Place and Rosedale Health + Wellness has created a program that offers one-on-one support for our clients living tackle stigma and isolation and help foster physical and emotional well-being.

The landscape of the HIV epidemic has drastically changed over the course of time. There is still a need for support for people living with HIV, but the actual need has changed. It is no longer holding the hands of someone dying with AIDS. It may be supporting someone living with HIV to feel empowered in returning to school or finding a job.

Dudley’s Place and Rosedale Health + Wellness is currently looking for “Volunteers” for our Buddy Program. The Buddy Program’s purpose is to provide agency clients with one-on-one support from trained volunteers. The main objective of the Buddy Program is to improve the quality of life of people living with HIV/AIDS by providing practical and emotional support and company, and by assisting them in maintaining autonomy and independence to the greatest extent possible. A Buddy is a trained volunteer or peer who collaborates one-on-one with a specific client. A Buddy is a social contact, an active listener, an advocate, and a helper with the tasks of daily living. A Buddy is a companion, a non-judgmental and objective third party, a sounding board, a supporter, a limit setter, and a representative of Rosedale Health and Wellness and Dudley’s Place.

Buddy Volunteers will provide the client with –

  • Emotional Support
  • Socialization
  • Support with Running Errands
  • Developing New Skills

For more information or to become a Volunteer please contact:

Brodderick Roary
Director of Special Populations

Phone: (704) 977-2972

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