The Queer Society of Charlotte and Par(amour), two LGBTQ Facebook groups, will launch their first ever virtual singles event via Zoom on Saturday, March 20 at 8 p.m.

The Queer Society Charlotte’s Facebook page was created in June 2020 as an outlet for members of the local LGBTQ community to showcase their work and support one another.

Created last Valentine’s Day, Par(amour) was established as a place for LGBTQ singles to meet. The group invites users to post short bios and G-rated photos on the page for others to comment on and, eventually, connect.

Mingle ’n Mixer Night will act as a (sort of) speed dating event with a unique match-making component. Each participating individual will have a certain number of minutes to be in a one-on-one virtual session with another participant. Once there, they will ask specific questions and discuss whatever it is that they are comfortable with. This will also allow individuals to specify just what sort of relationship they are seeking. The moderators of this event maintain that the more communication between participants, the less confusion there will be when comparing results. These results will stem from the previously drafted survey that singles will be asked to complete. After the results are in, the moderators will reach out to both parties if they are a match.

Online dating and mobile dating/hook-up apps are extremely popular and have reportedly increased in use during the COVID-19 quarantine. According to a study by Social Catfish, an online dating fact-finding company, North Carolina had 422 cases of dating profile scams in 2019 (

Caution, it seems, is the name of the game when it comes to virtual meet-ups that lead to dating in the twenty-first century.

In order to lessen the amount of fraudulent behavior that may occur on their dating app, Tinder recently announced they will be partnering with a nonprofit organization to perform background checks on all users (

The Queer Society of Charlotte and Par(amour)’s virtual single mixers is simply another part of these new online romantic rendezvous. Events such as Mingle ’n Mixer Night will vet potential participants, moderate conversations, and maintain an air of professionalism and privacy between singles.

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