Former U.S. Rep and current U.S. Senate candidate Mark Walker showed support for Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson’s controversial characterization of LGBTQ people as “filth” that shouldn’t be discussed in public schools.

In a Monday social media post, Walker said he agreed with Robinson and supported his Saturday video message wherein he alleged sexually explicit LGBTQ-centric books are “in North Carolina public schools.” Robinson did not detail which schools were allegedly using the books, whether they were part of the curriculum or simply available in libraries.

Across three posts on Twitter in one day, Walker made his support of Robinson perfectly clear. Here’s a summary of his comments:

“Mark Robinson is 100 percent accurate in describing the sexualization of our children in public schools. The content is filth, and the agenda is no less filthy. As a father of a daughter in the North Carolina public school system, I am irate at the coercive tactics on our children. The content that Lt. Governor Robinson showed us …should be disturbing to us all for these impressionable minds. These materials should never be part of the curriculum. I applaud the Lt. Governor and the thousands of parents across North Carolina demanding accountability. We will not be intimidated by Attorney General Merrick Garland, the liberal news media, Jeff Jackson, or anyone else.”

Robinson’s comments have been denounced by LGBTQ advocacy organizations and some Democrats have called for his resignation. The White House weighed in last week to condemn the comments. Elected Republicans have largely been silent on the controversy.

As Policy Watch reported last week, Walker recently joined fellow Republicans Robinson and U.S. Rep. Madison Cawthorn as special guest speakers at a private event for the American Renewal Project. The group, which has a history of anti-LGBTQ rhetoric, rejects the separation of church and state and believes that its conservative fundamentalist version of Christianity should be taught in public schools.

This story originally appeared on NC Policy Watch,

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