Advocate Caleb Laieski’s exhibit in the LGBT Rights and Bullying section.

Advocate nets installation

ATLANTA, Ga. —  The Center for Civil and Human Rights, 100 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., is showcasing advocate Caleb Laieski’s exhibit in the LGBT Rights and Bullying section.

His subject is “Harassment in American School” which features Laieski’s experience and the ways he and others are placed in uncomfortable and troubling situations through verbal and physical harassment. “Not only does this discrimination undermine the educational experience of LGBT students, but LGBT teens are increasingly at risk for harming themselves.”

At 16, Laieski dropped out of school due to his having been bullied about his sexuality. And, some of his friends attempted suicide when beset with similar treatment.

Today, Laieski works as an LGBT rights advocate. He spends time with school officials, teaching them about the dangers of bullying. He also encourages LGBT students to seek help.

During his lifetime, Laieski has served as a youth and diversity liaison with Phoenix, Az. Mayor Gregg Stanton’s staff. Afterward he stepped into the role of a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Arlington County in Virginia.

His work did not stop there. He filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with regard to the agency’s lifetime ban on blood donations from gay men.


Christian network relocates

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Gay Christian Network which originated in Raleigh, N.C., has announced its relocation to Ohio as part of their strategy to improve their efficiency and communication.

The change will allow the organization to serve the LGBT Christian community more effectively.

In other news, it is forming a new Diversity Advisory Board. It will meet quarterly via video conference beginning this month. The board is looking for participants and those who wish to become an active member should email Bukola Landis-Aina, vice president of the network board and chair of the diversity board, at

Executive Director Justin Lee has been busy traveling around the world. He recently spoke at a gathering of the Polish National Catholic Church and is headed to Australia and New Zealand in October.


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