New digital LGBTQ entertainment site debuts Feb. 14

The Internet is getting a whole lot gayer!

International drag star Sherry Vine and former Here TV executive Josh Rosenzweig are combining their style, humor and sensibility into a one-stop, digital destination for all of the world’s LGBTQ entertainment needs.

gaySVTVworld premieres Feb. 14 with original shows, specials, music videos, short films and more, all free at

“The world needs gaySVTVworld because they are hungry for original programming from top queer talent,” said Vine. “We got ‘em all: Haus Of Mimosa, Pickles, David Serrano, Chris Semers…and this is only the beginning.”

“gaySVTVworld is created by and for LGBTQ audiences,” said Rosenzweig. “Nobody is going to tell our stories like we will. While our visibility has increased enormously over the last decade with the launch of several LGBT television networks, it is essential that the community have an online space to call our own, a destination where we can go to find like-minded artists and feel the power of the collective.”

While gaySVTVworld draws inspiration from a traditional television model, it also presents a modern digital age spin with all shows under seven minutes long.

“We’re offering short content so people can view several episodes in the same amount of time as one traditional TV show,” said Vine. “Maybe you only have five free minutes on your way to work or during a lunch break. That’s enough time to catch a hilarious episode of ‘Fashion Puhleez’ on your smart phone!”

The network will kick off its first season with a slate of eight programs, releasing daily, beginning with Sunday’s Sherry and the Greek, an original talk series starring Vine and Semers discussing a variety of fun topics and performing skits, characters and musical numbers.

Vine’s video parodies have made her a YouTube sensation, being viewed over 14 million times. She got her start in New York City, but today tours the world with her live singing and comedy shows. Vine has appeared on the off-Broadway stage and in numerous films, including “Stonewall” and “Wigstock,” and starred in two seasons of Here TV’s variety show, “She’s Living For This,” produced and directed by Rosenzweig.

Rosenzweig served as senior vice president of Here TV for 10 years, where he produced over 200 hours of television programming, including “She’s Living For This” and “Heart of Broadway: An Inside Look at Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.” He was also the host of the hit TV talk show “Just Josh.” Rosenzweig has directed many music videos, award-winning films and more than 40 productions for the theater. He has been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards.

Gay-Straight Alliance supporters call for boycott

It began when a group of students at Franklin County High School in Winchester, Tenn. (pop. 8,527), formed a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) in early January.

When parent and small business owner John Wimley learned of the group, he launched a Facebook page encouraging people to attend the next school board meeting to stand up against the “future ISIS members of America” (AKA gay kids) and “protect traditional marriage.”

“OK F.C. [Franklin County] if we do not ban [sic] together and stop this B.S. the next thing you know they will have a F.I.M.A. (Future ISIS Members of America) #PutGodInSchoolsPlease,” Wimley rallied. “Time to Stand Up for what is RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Others were quick to join the cause.

“GOD bless you for standing for what is right,” Tina K. Millson wrote. “These gays have no right forceing [sic] their lifestyle of sin on these poor children of GOD.”

“Why is it so important for the LBGT [sic] WXYZ community to have 100% support with no opposing opinions?” Greg Gunn added.

“School is for learning, library is for reading, restaurants for eating,” Kayla Ehlers said. “Lets [sic] keep loving, hugging, hand holding, kissing, and sexual ordination for our personal lives at home.”

In response, supporters of the GSA launched their own Facebook page calling on people to boycott Wimley’s business, the Tennessee Car Care Center.

But the damage caused by Wimley was already done.

In a Facebook post, one supporter of the GSA reported that some students have begun wearing “Straight Pride” signs around school and that the GSA’s posters advertising the club’s meetings had been defaced with words like “no gay allowed” and “faggots.”

Despite all this, members of the school’s GSA refuse to be intimidated.

“We are incredibly grateful for this extraordinary showing of love and support for our LGBT community here in rural TN,” the club’s faculty advisor wrote. “We never imagined that the love in the world for us was this strong. Thank you for walking with us on our journey.”

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