Now really Trinity,
Aren’t threesome relationships a guaranteed scenario for trouble,
jealousy and inevitable failure?
Triangular Troubles, Houston, TX

Now really TT,
All relationships between two people, at one time or another, experience trouble, jealousy and possible failure. If you talk to many threesome couples, and I have, honey, the troubles are no different. However, the benefits include always having someone extra around to spend time with, to help with the bills and to fool around with! Yes, it’s not for everyone, but it may be worth licking, I mean looking, into!

Dear Trinity,
Is it wrong to chat online in chat rooms when my boyfriend’s away? I’m just making friends?
Internet Cheat/Chat, Hollywood, FL

Dear Internet Cheat/Chat,
If you’re relationship is under three years, then this is a huge danger and extremely unnecessary. If you want to make friends, then go to parties, join athletic teams or intellectual groups or go to religious/spiritual gatherings together to make friends. Wake up, chatting almost always leads to hook-ups or meetings or something your relationship doesn’t need. Pumpkin, in the end, dealing with one three-dimensional boyfriend with needs is so much easier than dealing with a room full of two-dimensional needy sex addicts.

Hello Trinity,
I’m thinking about doing drag. Any ideas?
Drag Thoughts, Memphis, TN

Hello Gorgeous,
There are many types of drag, such as looking cartoonish, looking like a famous woman or looking like a real woman. But, no matter what, get assistance, find a dress you can breath in and always remember you’re just a man in a dress unless you’re wearing a wig, lashes and heels (and a size and a half). (Learn tricks of the trade from my cartoon)

Hey Trinity,
Two days ago my boyfriend announced that he wants to break-up. But, we’ve been together for over a year and we just moved in together six weeks ago. Was I a fool for moving in? Help!
Fooled Again, Cleveland, OH

Hey Fooled Again,
I know you don’t want to feel like a fool, sweetie, but you’re really just in a foolish situation. Living with and breaking up with someone could be devastating unless you read:

Trinity’s Survival Tips For Living With A Lover Who Wants To Break-Up
1. Don’t make any harsh decision or sign anything for two weeks. It’s impossible to act clearly during the first stage of a breakup.
2. Move out of the bedroom to the couch or guestroom or have your ex do it. The time to stop yearning for his or her warm body is now.
3. Immediately stop sharing food, clothing, meals, showers and intimate moments together.
4. Being mad is normal, even healthy, so, for a while, avoid each other as much as possible, which leads to #5.
5. Avoid arguing at all costs. Say as little as possible for now. It’s not about who’s right or wrong, it’s about getting through the next couple of weeks.
6. Send your live-in ex away for a few days to a week. According to Delphine Hirsh’s book, “A Girl’s Guide To Surviving A Break Up,” “when someone you live with wants to break up, send them away for a bit!” Then go to #7.
7. Immediately start: 1) spending time with people who love you; 2) talking about your feelings; and 3) oversleeping. This will help ground you.
8. Protect your home by telling your ex not to bring in any future dates or mates. You may feel like your home is all you have left, so protect it.
9. Do all of the above!
10. Lastly, you may want to move out (with lots of help from friends), move your ex out (with no help from you) or stay living together (with even more help from God), which means setting up lots of new boundaries! : :

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