Donald Trump has been pushing the limits of campaigning throughout the election. From saying he prefers war heroes who weren’t captured, to disrespecting gold star parents, mocking a disabled reporter, asking why we don’t use nuclear weapons more often, suggesting “Second Amendment people” could take care of Clinton, saying we should ban Muslims, and on and on and on.

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He famously joked that he could shoot someone and not lose support. While the polls suggest his dangerous rhetoric is finally catching up with him, many have wondered aloud what it would take to turn off his most loyal supporters.

Wonder no more, because Triumph the Insult Comic Dog explores that very question as part of a Hulu election special.

Real Trump supporters were gathered into a fake focus group to watch fake campaign ads with outrageous ideas and claims.

First up, gun vending machines in women’s bathrooms to help them feel safe.

The issue of transgender people being allowed to use the bathrooms corresponding with their gender identity became a national issue after the passage of HB2 and the lawsuits that followed. Much of the rhetoric from those opposed has centered around the idea that this will somehow make women and children unsafe in bathrooms, in spite of the lack of evidence that this is the case.

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Trump initially showed support for trans people using the bathrooms matching their gender identity, but then later said he supported North Carolina in the battle over HB2.

Watch how his supporters react to the ridiculous ad, which starts at around the 1:30 mark.

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