Durham blogger Pam Spaulding with Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt at the 2012 White House LGBT Pride Month Reception. Photo courtesy Pam Spaulding.
Durham blogger Pam Spaulding with Chapel Hill Mayor Mark Kleinschmidt at the 2012 White House LGBT Pride Month Reception. Photo courtesy Pam Spaulding.

DURHAM, N.C. — Blogger Pam Spaulding has ended nearly a decade of nationally-recognized, award-winning citizen journalism on July 1, posting her last story on her blog Pam’s House Blend.

The Durham-based blogger began her writing as a personal project in July 2004.

“In the beginning, I never really expected anyone to drop by and leave comments,” she wrote in her last post on the site. “But somehow, eventually, folks dropped by, from near and far, to share what they thought about a particular rant I had for the day.”

Spaulding’s unique voice as an African-American woman in the South gave her credibility among the new and growing national LGBT blogosphere. She became a go-to commentator on LGBT issues.

Spaulding’s decision to shutter the blog was initially announced on June 16.

“All good things must come to an end, even after numerous awards and accolades, it’s time to acknowledge that I cannot continue to run on fumes alone,” she wrote. “The Blend could continue limping along, but my health and well-being come first; over the last few years burning the candle at both ends with a full-time offline job and PHB. It has taken a severe toll — most readers have learned that I am dealing with chronic pain conditions — fibromyalgia, and in the last couple of years, aggressive rheumatoid arthritis.”

News of Spaulding’s decision hit the LGBT community by storm. Many took to Facebook or Twitter to comment and wish Spaulding goodbye. MSNBC host Melissa Harris-Perry also chimed in, with a special on-air goodbye to Spaulding at the end of June 23 show. (Watch the segment at nbcnews.to/10unQ8l.)

Equality North Carolina helped pay special tribute to Spaulding on July 1. Fittingly, the tributes, which contained photos of Blend followers and one-line quotes, were shared online via Twitter and Facebook. Read more about the tributes, as well as a special commentary from this writer at goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/23748/.

You can read more about Spaulding, her blog’s history and her decision to close the blog at bit.ly/12yMjdl andbit.ly/17yZrR0.

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