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South Carolinians United for Justice & Equality is putting on “Trans and Queer Field Day” as an homage to the LGBTQ community and in protest to the legislation that is targeting them. This day-long event will be held May 16 at 11:30 a.m. in Columbia, S.C. The South Carolina-based coalition hosting the celebration is made up of over thirty individual groups. These organizations include Charleston Black Pride, the Transgender Awareness Alliance, PFLAG Greenville and many other LGBTQ-supportive groups within the state. 

“After a legislative session where supporters of trans youth needed to organize, rally, and push back on relentless attacks at the statehouse, Trans and Queer Field Day will be an opportunity to celebrate and center trans and queer joy,” said Ivy Hill, a leader in the S.C. United coalition. 

Hill continues, “We’re gathering with trans and queer people from across South Carolina to play games, build community and illustrate the inane cruelty of legislatures trying to ban kids from playing sports. No young person should be targeted because of their gender identity and made to feel excluded or singled out for discrimination. This Sunday, we’ll make sure every trans and queer young person knows they belong, they are loved, and their is nothing wrong with them.”

Field Day will start at the South Carolina statehouse with a press conference. Participants will discuss the recent anti-transgender legislative proposals and make plans on how to ensure they are never approved. 

The event has been publicized as an “afternoon of community building, sports, and political reflection … on the heels of a legislative session where an anti-transgender student athletics bill has failed five times.”

To attend, contact Adam Polaski at or Ali Titus at

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