It’s finally warm! And now’s the time to make your wardrobe “cool” during the hot days ahead. But figuring out what’s hot and what’s not can be challenging. qnotes has made that easier for you with the following top trends for the summer.

Ferragamo, $650


So-called “millennial pink” is still very much a “thing,” but it’s far from the only soft hue in evidence among designers’ spring/summer 2018 offerings. Cool mint greens and sky blues shared runway space with pale yellow and sunset shades of rose and tangerine at Paris Fashion Week, while lavender proved a particular favorite.

Craig Green, $595

Baggy Silhouettes

Trousers, shirts and jackets all exhibit more generous proportions this season. The roomier cuts evoke breezy summer days and pair perfectly with lightweight fabrics like linen and raw cotton. Some fashion devotees would no doubt be willing to spend August sweltering in a skintight black wool bodysuit if Versace told them to, but fortunately for them, 2018 will demand no such sacrifice.

Giorgio Armani, $3,795

Outdoor Wear

Technical outerwear like windbreakers and cargo jackets are the fashionable go-to items for when the weather threatens to deny us those Carolina blue skies.

Louis Vuitton, $2,070

Tropical Shirts

The classic Hawaiian shirt is thrilled to be back and embraced without apparent irony. More designers are now opting for a double breast pocket look, bringing the resulting garments closer and closer to the traditional Cuban guayabera. Add the requisite rows of micro-pleats front and back, perhaps even the lower front pockets, and those of us who can’t remember ever seeing their abuelo (grandfather) without this perennial favorite, will swear we can almost hear the clack of dominoes and smell that impossibly rich Cuban coffee on the summer breeze.

Loewe, $1,350


It is a truth universally acknowledged that any person who survived the year 2017 must be in want of something, anything, to lighten the mood. To that end, some of us have dived headfirst into the joyous absurdity of major, major fringe. From maxi skirts built of layers upon layers of dancing crayon hues, to a hint of swish on an otherwise conservative minaudiere, this trend offers something for everyone. At the very least, find a piece and try it on. Do a little twirl. And see if it doesn’t make you smile.

Tom Ford, $535


Anything and everything from a bold tartan skirt and vest set to a subdued Burberry-esque pattern dominated by warm beige and caramel goes right now. If you dig this look but don’t want to go overboard, you can’t beat a classic checked cap.

Kenzo, $240

Vertical Stripes

Arguably one of the easier summer fads for us mere mortals to pull off, this one can be embraced with as much subtlety or drama as you desire. Throw a pinstripe blazer over a patterned tee and relaxed trousers in broad bands of black and white if that’s the look that calls out to you — or just let your socks or an equally on-trend crossbody bag do all the talking.

Gucci, $980

The ’80s

A world still firmly in the grip of ‘90s nostalgia is about to turn back time even farther. It’s not just the proliferation of wide-leg trousers that call to mind the era of Reagan, either. Vintage-inspired prints, statement belts, and even (at times mercilessly boxy) shoulder pads are enjoying a return to the spotlight. Approach this trend with caution.

Marc Jacobs, $15,000


Jewel-toned, head-to-toe sequined dresses with cinched waists rule the runway, though, as always, it takes a bit of creativity to bring such a dramatic look from the catwalk to your neighborhood sidewalk. Glittering princess shoes are a playful, wearable solution. You can also give beaded accessories a try and keep that party spirit going all day long.

Paul Smith, $1,450

Colorful Suits

Trendy pastels make a big impact here, and not only in the men’s collections. Non-traditional hues and the season’s roomier cuts combine for a whimsical take on business attire, or a playful dose of formality in your casual wear. This look works best with a favorite T-shirt and statement sneakers, or a plain tee and low-key loafers.

Alexander McQueen, $2,995


Ruffled hems, seams, collars and embellishments bring undeniable romance to a long, flowy floral gown. High cinched waists and three-quarter length sleeves complete an Edwardian look that fits 2018 surprisingly well. The cut is especially lovely in a soft, natural fabric with a quiet nature-inspired print. Absent the layers of petticoats, it turns out this gorgeous style is comfortable as well.