Micah Johnson
Micah Johnson

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A staff member for a local LGBT youth services agency has announced he will be stepping down this summer. The organization has begun a national search for his replacement.

Micah Johnson joined Time Out Youth Center in July 2012, where he has worked as the group’s school outreach director. In his time there, Johnson has helped to organize and network dozens of gay-straight alliances and LGBT students across the group’s local service area.

Johnson will step down at the end of June to return to his native Iowa. He’ll be pursuing a law degree at Drake University.

“I made the very, very difficult decision a couple weeks ago now,” Johnson said. “I’d been looking at that over the course of the past year and increasingly over the past semester.”

Law, he said, was not initially an educational goal.

“Law school had not really been on my radar until I took this position,” Johnson said. “I increasingly ran up against instances where either policy or legal work would have really advanced the well-being of the students I was working with.”

Johnson said he hopes to focus his legal education on work related to young people with disabilities, LGBT youth and youth living in poverty.

Time Out Youth Center is currently searching for Johnson’s replacement. The group’s director of school outreach is a full-time position. Click here for a full job description.

info: timeoutyouth.org

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