Ah, yes, boys and girls, we meet again. I hope love is in the air, or something like that, as we celebrate the Valentine’s Day season.

Where to begin? I wanted to mention a great night I had out last month when I went out to see a Big Girls show at Scorpio — Victoria Parker was in town and she was joined by Big Shirli bringing her sexy back and Miss Tara Storm with her drag mother Tiffany emceeing. It was good to visit with Da Pig and find out how L.A. is treating her. She tells me living there is wonderful and that doing drag is quite different. Seems everyone wants to not only be a star of the stage, but also a mainstream superstar. Doesn’t surprise me. Porkchop, good luck — you can have it. Hopefully, we’ll see you in a movie or on a TV show soon if that’s what you heart desires.

That same evening, I met three visitors in the audience who were in town from Atlantic City for a convention and they came out to see Victoria. Joe Ballesteros from the Miss’d America pageant and a resort in Atlantic City came with two pretty famous impersonators in their own right — Jason CoZmo, who does Dolly Parton and Lucille Ball, and the legendary Liza Minelli illusionist, Phyl Craig, who often meets up with Dame Liza for high tea and chit-chat, and I, thank you. Still trying to find Joe’s number so I can call and whisper sweet nothings in his ear — nothing like a hot businessman, right?

I know by the time this comes out Alyssa Edwards will have already been to Scorpio as the first visiting queen from Season 5 of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but I am so excited to see my good sister. If you saw the first episode, I know you’ll agree that the look on her face was priceless when Coco Montrese walked in the door. I’m sure you know Coco was Alyssa’s first alternate at Miss America, then Coco took over duties after Alyssa was basically dethroned for business reasons. That’s okay — she was still a fierce Miss U.S.ofA., which she won on her first attempt. I hope this Texas firecracker will be back in Charlotte (or nearby) again and again.

Still harping on Scorpio, I recently had the pleasure and privilege of judging the Miss Scorpio pageant and had a great evening with fellow judges Big Mama B, Kerri Nichols and Miss U.S.ofA. at Large Dorae Saunders (all three former winners) and the current Mr. Scorpio, the handsome rascal Monte St. James. The ever-exquisite and super-sweet Eden Parque Divine relinquished her crown that night and I must say, damn, her make-up, hair, and wardrobe get better every time I see her, if that’s even possible. The hair she wore for her give-up number with that sick-o-ning gown was off the damn hook, baby. Eden ended up crowning that wild and crazy Valarie Rockwell who portrayed Honey Boo Boo Child for presentation and it was a holler! Valarie’s runners-up included Leah Halston of Cincinatti and Monica Lovitt from right here in the Queen City. Formers who were on-hand to perform included NC All-American Goddess Tia Douglas, Dorae Saunders, Amber Rochelle St. James and Elaine Davis.

On a national level, I can tell you I need to be in touch with my sister Mokha Montrese, the reigning Entertainer of the Year, for prelim tea, but she did recently have Miss Mid Tri-States, which Vanity won with RU Juleene DeLaRouge. I can’t wait for Mokha’s trip to N.C. for the prelim here in the spring! Love that queen (as if you didn’t know)! Also, on the U.S.ofA. scene, Alina Malletti recently won Arizona and her RU was former Miss Continental Domanique Chappelle.

Would you believe all the rest is Continental tea? They are updating their website these days — how exciting! I’ll be all over the board with it, so pay attention, okay? Ha! Winners and runners up are: TN PLUS, Karrabelle and RU India Michaels; Dreamgirl PLUS, Farrah N. Hyte; Dreamgirl Elite, Sherri Payne; NY Elite, Tyler Alexander; NJ PLUS, Cristal Skky; NJ Elite, Miss Dena Cass; KY PLUS, Tatianna DeLaRouge; Tri-State PLUS, National Holiday; Treasure Coast Elite, Trish Stevens; Minnesota PLUS, Cheyenne Valentino and RU Sasha Dupree Rodgers; All-Star Elite, Tasha Long; All- Star PLUS Alicia Markstone; Heart of America Elite, Kourtney Van Wales with RU Fantasia; Heart of America PLUS, Dramatica and runners-up Deserea Demarco and Mimi Mattel; Miss Pacific Coast, Jasmine Master; Mr. Pacific Coast, C.A. Lopez; Pacific Coast PLUS, Summer Breeze, and Elite Khadesia Alexander; and, finally, Miss California, Kylee West Williams; Mr. California, Eric Balenciaga; Miss California PLUS, Savannah Sommers; and Miss California Elite, Kat Van D’Hurst.

In closing, I wanted to mention how happy I am for Roxy C. Moorecox who recently did a one-woman show called “Bang!” for two nights at Actor’s Theatre here on Stonewall. Roxy has been keeping the friendly skies busy, going to Chicago and L.A. to do her act and is making plans now to go across the pond to London. She calls it a tell-enough instead of a tell-all show, and actually comes out as her creator Clay to sing three numbers at the very end. Keep up the good work, queen!

Stay tuned for important news in the next Rag! : :

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