In a state of anger, Hoyt Deau Hutchison put a gash into Baby Trump in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (Photo Credit: Michael Reeve via Flickr. CC BY-SA 2.0 license)

When Donald Trump promised to “Make America Great Again” millions of Americans followed him to the White House and beyond. To them Trump was the leader who would bring the USA back to the good old days, albeit a largely imaginary one where women obeyed their menfolks, minorities knew their place, queer people stayed in their closets and immigrants were white. To Trump’s followers, politics became a matter of good versus evil and Trump is the Messiah who will surely vanquish evil in the name of God, guns and the nuclear family. Any proof to the contrary is just fake news concocted by the liberal media and other political enemies.

Hoyt Deau Hutchinson is a Perfect Trumper. A white, working-class male with a high school education, the 32-year old Hutchinson fits the profile of the typical Trump supporter. Hutchinson’s politics are unsurprisingly conservative: He once posted an article entitled “10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed.” Hoyt keeps up with politics by watching Fox News, especially his favorite TV personalities, Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity. And Hutchinson takes his politics seriously. On Nov. 9 the president visited Tuscaloosa, Ala. — definitely Trump country — to watch the University of Alabama play Louisiana State University at Bryant-Denny Stadium. (LSU won 46-41.) Also present was “Baby Trump,” a 20-foot tall balloon that anti-Trump protesters use to mock the president wherever he might be.

“Baby Trump” is a joke, but Hoyt Hutchinson was not laughing. Instead, he “was shaking with anger” when he saw Baby Trump near Bryant-Denny Stadium and vowed to “pop this balloon,” according to his Facebook post. Hoyt yelled at the protesters but worried that they might see him so he bought an Alabama shirt to blend into the crowd. Approaching Baby Trump under the pretext of wanting to photograph it, Hutchinson used a material cutter with a sharp razor to cut an eight-foot long gash in the balloon. “Hoyt made sure our beloved President didn’t have to see this disrespectful balloon on the streets of T-town today,” said the GoFundMe page that Hutchinson started to raise money for legal fees. Though Hutchinson tried to get away, he was arrested and charged with criminal mischief. “Trump 2020,” Hutchinson cried as he was led away.

Hutchinson soon became a hero to the MAGA crowd. Supporters and well-wishers sent him messages of congratulations and his GoFundMe page raised over $45,000 in just a few days. Hutchinson posted bail and two days later he called the syndicated radio program “Rick & Bubba Show” to express his views. “I get so mad about people not taking a stand. The Left wants to use religion against you like you shouldn’t act like this and stuff but I’ll tell you this — the Devil knows the Bible as good as we do,” he said. “We don’t have two parties anymore. We have good versus evil. When you got one party that says it’s OK to kill babies and, by the way, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a liberal get mad about chopping up a baby.” When asked if his slashing was similar to Jesus driving the money changers from the Temple, Hutchinson agreed.

Sadly, Hutchinson is not alone. There are many Perfect Trumpers out there, especially in Tuscaloosa where Trump was cheered by his supporters at the Alabama/LSU game. By his violent rhetoric, at campaign rallies and elsewhere, Trump encourages his followers to commit acts of violence. Hutchinson’s act only damaged a balloon. Future Hutchinsons might go further, killing reporters, political progressives and minority members alike in the name of Donald Trump.