Stonewall Sports Charlotte has a variety of sports leagues to join. (Photo Credit: Stonewall Sports Charlotte)

For many people, when they were younger, gym class was a miserable time full of over-competitive peers and an unwelcoming atmosphere. Stonewall Sports Charlotte is the antithesis of this experience. The LGBTQ (and allies) organization offers an array of low-impact sports and players of any skill level are able to join. They believe that everyone should have the ability to feel comfortable playing an organized sport and they have a zero-tolerance policy for bullying. Team sports are a great way to stay active and meet new people in the community. 

There are a range of sports to choose from and there is sure to be something for everyone. Stonewall Sports Charlotte offers bowling, cornhole, dodgeball, kickball, softball, indoor volleyball and sand volleyball. Registration for these teams is currently on hold due to COVID-19. When it reopens, When it reopens, registration will range from $25 to $40, which will include a league shirt. 

For those interested in virtual games, Stonewall Sports Charlotte has a variety of esports teams, including Mario Kart, Rocket League and Fortnite. They also offer a casual weekly Jackbox game night, in which participants only need a web-enabled device to play. This allows people to social-distance while still being active in the community. Registration for these events is currently free and can be done at Those interested are encouraged to join the Discord server to communicate with fellow members.

Stonewall Sports Charlotte also puts a heavy emphasis on community and hosts charity events throughout the year. Since forming in 2014, they have donated over $150,000 to charities in the Charlotte region. These range from youth services to pet charities to counseling centers and more. In addition to this, they have distributed over 8,000 blankets and 200 bagged lunches to the homeless community.  Even if someone is not a member of any of the sports teams, they are still welcome to volunteer in the community with Stonewall Sports Charlotte.

Stonewall Sports organizations are located all across the United States. For those who do not live in Charlotte, go to to see all leagues or even start a new one. Jason Boone, the founder of Stonewall Sports Charlotte, was inspired to create this division after his friend introduced him to Stonewall Sports Raleigh. It began as a kickball league with 90 people and has grown to an average of 1,600 players per year. Boone states, “No matter your background. No matter, well, anything, Stonewall is a place where you can meet new friends and have fun.” 

To learn more about Stonewall Sports Charlotte, go to

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