Oh, boys and girls, here we are all over again. How many times have I said that over the past 15+ years? And, here we are still carrying on. Did you see my responses to the 20 Questions in the most recent qnotes? I had a blast answering those. Too bad the photo has some age on it. I need to work on that! I sure appreciate David Stout’s brilliant introduction. I thought it really was “the tea!” Y’all sure know how to make a bitch feel good! My personal thanks to Roxy C. Moorecox for passing out my number to newspaper writers. We’ll see what she’s up to next go ‘round, I swear!

Whitney Paige, reigning All-American Goddess
At Large,
of Little Rock, Ark.,
formerly of Dallas, TX.
Photo Credit: IOS Photography

This time our promo is of Whitney Paige of Little Rock, AR, by way of Dallas, TX, and Clarksville, TN. I rarely forget where people are from, dear. Whitney and I have been friends for years and I am ashamed that I have left the March results of the All-American Goddess At Large contest out of the Rag! Well, obviously, she won and her runners-up were Mercedes (former Miss Continental PLUS), Tonna DeMoore, Delores T. Van Cartier and Envy Van Michaels. Next time, we’ll look at the names for All-American Goddess taking place in June in Dayton, OH. Can you say good contest?

It is with great honor that I mention the results from both U.S.ofA. contests that just took place in Dallas, TX. My good sis Layla LaRue won the coveted Miss Classic title and I’m so happy for her! She needs to continue to compete as long as she feels she should — what an excellent entertainer and person. Her RUs included Alexis Principle, former Miss NC America Sharde’ Ross, Cocoa Chandelier and Dina Jacobs. Other finalists included Ashley Houston, Martinique Bouvier, Misty Knight, Gizelle Bevon Ashton and Felicity Layne. I hope the ole gal will remember to send me a promo for the Drag Rag so I can secretly covet her mug. Talk about a hateful make-up job! Damn.

As for Miss U.S.ofA., our girl Luscious ended her reign as the only Carolinian ever to win the “crown jewels.” Hats off to our girl for putting NC on the map once more. That’s three queens in a row, in different systems, of course. Luscious crowned her Scorpio sister LaWanda Jackson of Houston, TX. How neat that she was Miss Classic first, then wins what we call the “regular,” or what I like to call the “original” contest (At Large and Classic came later, of course). LaWanda’s runners-up included Sunny Dee-Lite, Alexis Mateo, former EOY Nina D’Angelo and Margeaux Powell, the first finalist MA ever produced to my knowledge. Other finalists included Kennedy Davenport, former Miss Continental Domanique Chappelle, former EOY Vanessa DeMornay, Saellah V., Chanel Cavalier Van Cartier, Tiffany Richards and Miss East Coast Myah Ross Monroe. Best Non-finishing finalist was Anjila Cavalier, Most Beautiful was Sunny Dee-Lite (Jamie Monroe would have been my pick) and Miss Congeniality was Aspen Love. A big congrats goes out to Scorpio here in Charlotte for winning Best Regional preliminary again and to Greg Fulk who designed and won the Best Set Design for his work at Carl Caulder’s Miss SC prelim. That is one of many awards Greg has won for his flawless work on a set for a regional or state pageant. Work it, baby!

In other systems, we have a little tea to share such as recent prelims to Continental including Atlanta Devine which my sister-girl Lisha Paris won with RU Summer Knight; Heart of America winner was Priscilla Devine and RU Coco Mattel; Miss PA Premiere Sasha Colby with RU Sasha Nolan; and Minnesota, Kourtney Van Wales. In the America arena, we have Michelle McCausland wining Missouri with RU L’Oreal; Southern Elegance Jessica Jade with RU Sasha Chambers, formerly of Charlotte; and Miss Mid-Atlantic Paige Passion and RU Deva Station. Our condolences here go to Miss Gay America Kirby Kolby who lost her dear, sweet, precious mother a month ago. Katherine, we are thinking of you and sending our love as you “go through it.” She has a good seat to overlook you during your reign, sis. (Wink, wink!)

I guess you all saw Sharon Needles win the most recent “RuPaul’s Drag Race.” She is already scheduled to come back to NC in the Fall to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with us. Speaking of reality drag TV stars, I just saw Carmen Carrera on ABC’s “What Would You Do?” She played a transgender waitress to see how people would react to her. I still say “she” was a fine boy! LOL! Also coming up in this area, Buff Faye will be doing a “Wizard of Oz” songs sing-a-long at Spirit Square as part of Queen City Theater Company’s FabFest in June. Check out their Facebook page (don’t ask me!) or carolinatix.org for more info on Buff’s show, the visits from Coco Peru and Pandora Boxx, and the gender-twisting Broadway-songs show, as well. Speaking of shows, I just saw a great one at Scorpio this past Sunday night. Miss Charlotte America Valarie Rockwell served as a fantastic emcee and did a number. She was joined by the current Miss Scorpio Eden Parque Divine, former Miss Gay America Kerri Nichols (looking good, mama!), and former Miss NC U.S.ofA. and World National, Brooke Divine-Storm LaReese.

On a sad closing note, I will dedicate this column to Monica Marlo of Greensboro, NC who passed recently. Monica was as old school as it got and had been competing in contests for years. She had recently started winning contests and being out more for emcee gigs and such. Lord, I sure will miss that ole thing — she had a smile for everybody. : :

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