freddie mercury nc big mouth
The ghost of Freddie Mercury singing about North Carolina in the new Netflix show "Big Mouth." (Credit: Screenshot/Netflix)

North Carolina might have repealed anti-LGBTQ law House Bill 2 (HB2), but it isn’t done as a laughingstock. No wonder, since the repeal was more or less in name only, and discrimination is alive and well in the state.

Netflix’s “Big Mouth” is the latest show to take a shot at the Tar Heel state for fostering a hostile environment for the LGBTQ community.

The show’s third episode, titled “Am I Gay?,” sees main character Andrew, voiced by John Mulaney, questioning his sexual orientation.

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He seeks advice from the ghost of Duke Ellington, a reoccurring character on the show, admitting he finds the possibility of being gay scary.

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“Only if you find disposable income and terrific summer houses scary,” Ellington’s ghost laughs. 

“Did you know any gay people when you were alive?” Andrew asks.

“Of course,” Ellington says. “I was in show business, the official profession of the gay people.”

He then introduces Andrew to “famous deceased homosexuals” Socrates, Freddie Mercury and Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. 

That’s right, the episode out Scalia from the grave. We will let you watch the episode to hear his explanation of why he wishes he didn’t stay closeted in life. Suffice to say, it’s not exactly SFW.

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All three of the gay ghosts encourage the youth to accept himself. Mercury tells him “being gay can be bloody brilliant.” But there’s a catch, as you can see in the video below. 

“When you’re gay, every day is a nonstop cabaret,” ghost Freddie sings. “You’ve got style and flair, you’re loved everywhere, except for North Carolina.”


The show handles the issue of a young person questioning their sexuality with surprising delicacy, considering how raunchy and non-politically correct it is willing to be at times.

It has been targeted by the so-called “alt-right,” a rebranding of white nationalism/supremacy, who are claiming to be offended by its portrayal of adolescents going through puberty and battling with their hormones, arguing it promotes pedophilia.

Really, it is all just a continuation of a battle they picked with Netflix over the series “Dear White People,” based on the film of the same name.

You can watch the rest of the episode on Netflix.

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