Life is sure to place us upon a board of chess. Whether we cohabitate grief or marry faith during our experiences will determine the end of our story. Job was a wealthy and favored man in the Bible whose traumatic experience set the bar for the term “real talk.” After being dealt tragedy at every layer of his life, based on a dare from Satan to God, Job speaks from his transparency and shares his anger and sadness about the unwarranted misfortune that had befallen him. As always, God’s response is most profound, as he reminds Job that his present situation is not a death sentence.

If we can speak honestly to God about what we need and dare to accept what we cannot control, it gives God the chance to show us why we are there and how we will emerge victorious.

Having lost everything, only Job’s truth remained. He took the one thing he had left and offered it to God, the only one he knew could help him make sense of the confusion. God took Job outside of his suffering and revealed to him the life and favor he’d been purposely endowed with. In the end, Job is gifted with a greater abundance in wealth, along with a deeper reverence and understanding for God’s unconditional love.

God is in control of every situation in your life, so instead of asking why, emulate Job and make a more profound and daring statement from the onset: “Lord, I trust you.“ Trust God enough to tell him the truth and to believe that he is able to do the impossible.

If you bring full disclosure with God into your experiences, you will see God’s face more clearly and his magnificence create miracles. History has proven through Job and countless others that God is our most supreme and valiant advocate, that God will answer, and that more importantly, God will deliver. : :

Isai Efuru

Isai Efuru is a native of Newark, N.J., and hails from a legacy of singers, ministers and musicians. She published and performed poetry while a student at Rutgers University, and continued to write poetry...