Dear Trinity,
My partner says I eat like an animal and won’t dine out with me anymore until I learn how to “act like a socialized person.” What’s the big deal?
Sincerely, Dining Dutch, Annapolis, MD  

Dear Dining Dutch,
Whether you’re on a date, a business luncheon or dining out with anyone with table manners it’s important to know how to properly use a fork, knife and napkin. It often means the difference of keeping a job, a group of friends and even a partner. Dining out is an art just like dressing, being witty or using good social skills. Remember, pumpkin, it’s about social graces as an adult, not about being stuck on how you did things when you were a nine-year-old!
Kisses, Trinity

Dearest Trinity,
I try and try and still I can’t seem to
have the right pick-up moves. I’m good-looking, smart and funny, but I keep getting rejected. Why do I keep getting rejected?
Thanks, Getting Rejected, Omaha, NE

Dearest Getting Rejected,
When making a move, you must remember that single people have very specific and are often blind to anyone not on their agenda. In other words, sometimes arrogant single snobs just can’t see you. It’s not that you’re being rejected, but rather you’re being overlooked by their selfish needs, which feels like rejection. People can look right through you when you’re not their type. That’s life. So sweetie, take risks, practice trial and error and be yourself, so, when the right one comes along, you will be easily recognized.
Yours, Trinity
Hey Trinity,
I met someone in my travels who is coming to visit me for the first time. But
I’m not sure how to deal with a visiting date. Help!
Yours, Visiting Date, Honolulu, HI 

Hey Visiting Date,
With a visiting date it’s natural to want to spend a lot of time together, but you must schedule time apart to do your own things and to get your daily chores met in between doing things together. Darling, this will keep you excited about getting together rather than excited about killing each other.
Good luck, Trinity

Hello Trinity,
What’s so important about keeping in touch with family? Aren’t good friends enough?
Sincerely, Family or Friends, Washington DC

Hello Family or Friends,
It’s great to have supportive friends who come and go in your life, but honey, family has ties to your life, your genealogy and your medical history. If you don’t believe me, then read:

Trinity’s Risks, I Mean… Reasons for Keeping in Touch With Family

1. When holidays come around you don’t have to cook because someone else is there to make you eat their food, I mean… make food for you.

2. If you have emotional, financial or an automotive problem, there’s always someone to hang up the phone, I mean… help you so you’re not alone.

3. Being around people whom you don’t always have to explain yourself to can be oh so neurotic, I mean… nice.

4. When you’re old, frail or sick and in need, your family is there to take everything from you, I mean… take care of everything for you.

5. Friends come and go, but family is always there like a thorn in your side, I mean… always by your side.

6. Friends don’t suck the blood out of you like family, I mean…. blood is thicker than friendship.

7. It’s nice to be in a longing and selfish, I mean… loving and supportive environment.

8. There’s no one in the world that will torture you, I mean… teach you about life better than a caring family.

9. Without family there would be no one to push you off a cliff, I mean… give you a truly loving life

10. Lastly, who else would put up with your crap, your drunken stupors or your barking dog like friends, I mean… family.

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