What makes a “real” singer long to be a pop diva – the next Britney, Katy or Rihanna? If you asked vocalist Liz Primo that question she would probably give you one simple, straightforward answer: An irresistable love for the music.

Primo grew up in an Austin, Texas home where rock ‘n roll was prohibited. She learned about and absorbed the influences of her generation when visiting the homes of her friends. On those occasions she listened and danced to the likes of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and MTV. Her journey to becoming a pop/dance singer was underway.

After graduating from high school at 17, Primo left home for Nashville. She met a network of creative people, including her vocal coach, and numerous industry “experts” who offered to help her develop her sound. Although excited to have professional guidance she felt the continued attempts to push her toward Americana singer-songwriter territory was an ill fit. On paper, everything was perfect, but the music simply didn’t resonate with her soul.

While trying to sort things out, Primo befriended a local rapper who encouraged her to add hooks and vocals to some of his hip hop tracks. At the same time, she was turned on to electronica and house music. Suddenly her path seemed clear: Primo moved to L.A. to write and record dance music. She supported herself by working as an extra on film and television sets and promotional modeling. Unfortunately, she didn’t make any headway musically and money was becoming harder and harder to come by. At a point there was no choice but to move home to Austin.

Not long after her return Primo was asked to join a local band as lead vocalist. They played every kind of local gig imaginable and eventually landed a spot at the influential SXSW music conference. Primo enjoyed performing and the band was on the way up – but the desire to become a dance-pop artist wouldn’t go away and she left for L.A. to give it another try.

Once there, she took a leap of faith and connected, via the internet, with songwriter/producer Rob Fusari (Lady Gaga, Jessica Simpson) and producer Justin Trugman (Pussy Cat Dolls, Eminem, “Step Up” soundtrack). From that collaboration, Primo’s first single “State Of Amazing” as well as a dozen other tracks flowed out of her like they had been walled in and were simply awaiting release.

“When talent, raw creative energy and drive come together in one package you know that you have the recipe for a star to happen,” Fusari observes. “Liz is on that road to greatness.”

We shall see: “State Of Amazing” is the first song taken from Prima’s new seven-track EP, “Exposed” (out now on 444 Records). I’m not gonna make the same mistake I made with Lady Gaga’s “The Fame” and underestimate its potential for success. Given the current pop scene anything is possible – especially for someone with the drive of a Gaga or, obviously, Primo. Best of luck, diva. : :

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David Stout

David Stout is the associate editor of QNotes. He can be reached at editor2@goqnotes.com.