Hey Trinity,
I went to the bar, met the greatest guy and had the greatest night. But, I had to work the next day, so we exchanged numbers. Great, right? Well, I’ve called three times in four days and nothing. And, this isn’t the first time it’s happened. Is it me, him, the places I go or just bad karma?
Bad Karma, San Diego, CA

Hey Bad Karma,
It seems like some guys meet and marry even before the bar closes and some meet, promise to marry and can‘t even get to the first date. I agree, it’s an unkind, inconsistent and frustrating world of meeting, greeting, mating and dating. However, honey, you must be stronger than 100 fools, tougher than a kid in a candy store and more resilient than a bad politician. Whether or not it’s you, him, the place or bad karma, it’s life, the game of life and, if you’re alive and single, you have to play it. Now, next time, don’t get so attached so quickly!

Hello Trinity,
I’m an aging and not-so-attractive gay man who hasn’t had a date in years. Is there anything I can do to turn back the clock?
Turn Back Time, Orlando, FL

tt_395_122013Hello Turn Back Time,
There’s great pride in aging, but, yes, that won’t always get you a date. Just like nature has a way of turning a winter bush into a summer bouquet, you have ways of turning back time as well. Have a makeover, join a gym, take some self-awareness courses, i.e., the Forum or Insight Seminars and take some acting classes and/or dating courses, i.e., the Learning Annex. Pumpkin, it’s not who you think you are, but what you do about it that makes you dateable! (Hey, I’m all over this one! Check out my cartoon to see how.)

Dearest Trinity,
Why does dating hurt so much?
Dating Pangs, Key West, FL

Dearest Dating Pangs,

Dating always was, is and will be just a 50/50 chance that two people take. Just like life, dating is all about trial and error, success and failure, idiots and interesting people. But, this should make you stronger, not weaker! So, if on your deathbed your last words are, “Boy, did I have an adventurous, dangerous and challenging life,” then, sweetie, you won! Stay strong.

Dear Trinity,
I was with my girlfriend for what I thought would be forever, but then she ended it. And, now, she wants to be “friends.” What for?
Friends?, Greenwich, CT

Dear Friends?,
While you’d like to think being enemies is better than being friends, sometimes couples make really great, life-long friends. And, darling, if you’re still skeptical try reading:

Trinity’s Rational Tips For Why To Stay Friends With Your Ex
1. Because she has a car and you don’t.
2. Because he has a lot more money than you and isn’t afraid to share it.
3. Because she knows a lot of people in your career and is willing to help you.
4. Because he owns your apartment or the house you rent.
5. Because she works for the airlines and is still willing to give you Buddy Passes.
6. Because he’s your boss at work and you really, really like your job.
7. Because she’s the mother of your child, children, dog or cats.
8. Because he’s a great person who really just didn’t want to date you and would rather be friends. And, he makes a great friend.
9. Because he’s a doctor, lawyer, cop or judge and you can never have enough of those friends. (Think… free information).
10. Because he or she may be available one day for that one special night when you just need a good quicky.
11. Lastly, because having one more ex as an enemy means at every party, club or social event you’ll be surrounded by, yet, one more enemy-ex and who needs that! : :

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