‘Baseball bat’ teen charged with filing false police report
ANDERSON, S.C. — On July 22, the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department charged an 18-year-old gay man with filing a false police report after he accused his father of assault.

In two reports filed July 16, Dwight Clark Ables accused his father of chasing him, punching him and hitting him with a bat after a disagreement over the son’s attendance at a gay pride festival, news reports in the LGBT media spread across the nation.

According to the reports, the teen accused his father of yelling, cursing and swinging a bat at him when he returned home Sun., July 13 after attending a gay pride festival. The teen also said his father chased him from the home.

On the morning of July 16, the teen said he had returned home for a change of clothes. He accused his father of punching him.

The teen claimed in the reports, filed by Deputy S.C. Weymouth, that his father “has a problem with him being gay and that is why he hit him with the baseball bat Sunday.”

“After conducting a thorough investigation and the lack of any forensic evidence to support the allegation of the assault, Dwight Clark Ables has been charged with 1 count of Filing a False Police report. He turned himself in today at the Anderson County Sheriff’s office,” read a press release from the Department’s Public Information Officer Suzanne Griffin.

Sean’s Last Wish fundraiser
GREENVILLE — Sean’s Last Wish is inviting community members to help them raise money by joining a new business review website.

In a recent email to members, the foundation asked supporters to join PalmettoBiz
Buzz.com and write reviews for businesses in South Carolina. Every completed review equals a one dollar contribution to Sean’s Last Wish.

Supporters can participate in helping to raise funds until July 31.

College youth organize ‘Congress’
FLORENCE — LGBT and straight ally youth in the Palmetto State have organized a statewide, weekend-long event to bring together young adult activists and students for organizing, networking, skills building and fun.

The 2008 South Carolina Congress of Advancement will meet Sept. 12-14 at Francis Marion University. Delegates will be drawn from gay-straight student organizations from across the state.

Registration is free for all groups registering on or before Aug. 18. Four people from each group can attend. Room and board will be provided for the weekend.

Organizers hope to help LGBT young adult activists learn how to build membership, apply for grants, plan events and promote tolerance, understanding and togetherness.

For more information, visit: www.sccofa.org.

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Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.