Thank you, Lady Gaga

I was lucky enough to go see Lady Gaga in concert in Charlotte, front row! Never have I had more fun or been so personally moved at a concert before. So many will hate on her for her outrageous costumes or attack her for her personal appearance and especially her stand on gay rights. Yet her message is love — love yourself for who you are, accept those who are different, allow equality to everyone.

I carefully examined the diverse crowd that filled the sold out arena. There was no “one type” or specific group of people. Gay and straight. Black and white. Old and young. Boys and girls. Such diversity! Together we all were united by Gaga’s message of acceptance and unity, not to mention her unbelievable performance.

Ironic — on my way into the concert, a group of protestors were yelling and screaming to the fans approaching the arena. Shockingly, a man yelled into my face, “God does not love you because you show your fleshy breasts, you homo loving heathen.” Gaga’s words to us: “God loves us all. God doesn’t make mistakes.”

I think everyone could learn a lesson of tolerance for others from this young woman. I will end with another Gaga quote of the night: “Don’t leave here tonight loving me more. Leave here loving yourself.”

— Amy Laugher, letter

Trans surgery

In response to columnist Robbi Cohn’s Sept. 18 column on surgery:

Although our respective frames of reference are similar, they are also completely different. To that point, your observations are, for the most part sound, speaking from my own “unique” perspective. With that said, it should be self-evident to any intelligent (keyword) adult that human beings, being the delightfully diverse lot that we are, CANNOT be defined simply by their genitals. Therefore, any reasonable (keyword) person would KNOW that the whole “surgery” question should NEVER enter the discussion, unless one is conversing with either a medical provider or a potential sex partner. Sadly, “common sense” is not as common as one might hope. SIGH…

— Cyndi Richards, web, Sept. 22

Pride Charlotte feedback

In response to our Sept. 18 article on Pride Charlotte, a reader says:

I too wish them great success with this event. But I am not attending for multiple reasons one being I don’t like the location. I am going to Blue Ridge Pride instead.

— Rita, web, Sept. 18