Let the struggle continue
We are writing to you in disagreement with your editorial calling for a backing off of the marriage equality struggle (Editor’s Note, Jan. 24, “Revisiting our past could help us now”).

We remember the formation of Anita Bryant’s group, “Save the Children,” which was in response to Dade County simply expanding their non-discrimination policy to include sexual orientation. We also recall two of Martin Luther King’s children joining football player Reggie White appearing around our country denouncing Domestic Partner legislation. The American Family Association organized boycotts of Disney, Ford, McDonalds, and now Campbell Soup just because they are perceived as “gay friendly.”

We feel that it doesn’t matter what we ask for, there will always be folks organizing to fight it. But, because of our demand for Marriage Equality, we now have a fallback position of civil unions. This wouldn’t have happened if we had agreed to settle for less.

We say let us continue the struggle.

Frank Benedetti, Gary Trowbridge
Winston-Salem, NC