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HIV violations
I know several transexual’s in the Raleigh area that have been doing the same thing . one I know was on her death bed and refused to give names .. she pop’ed back and to this day I don’t think she has ever said a word. its sad because she has always told that she was negative and from what the doctors and nurses have said she has been positive for 10 years and has slept with thousands .. married men, gay men all she has been with them and never said a word .. it is not punished the way it should be ..
— Steven, Sept. 12, web

Since when does premeditated attempted murder get a suspended sentence, fine & probation? Oh, that’s right – it’s just gays at risk, so, who cares!? Sign me disgusted!
— Susan, Sept. 9, web

AIDS prayer ‘healing’
Have any of you seen the play? It’s obvious you haven’t. I have seen the play, and there is nothing misleading at all about the message in Church Mess The Play, especially when it comes to unprotected sex.
— CX, Sept. 12, web

I hope this play helps empty the wallets of more suckers who believe this stuff. They deserve no less.
— elaygee, Sept. 11, web

Log Cabin Republicans
As a straight black democrat in Cleveland I know they are full of bull.Check out the old issue of Scene Magazine of the Support Group of former Gay Republicans, that is not a joke,a support group.
— Kid Funkadelic, Sept. 14, web