In response to Matt Comer’s April 2 column, “Marching backward to the beat of a despotic drum” (, readers say:

And on another domestic front, the dominionists in Iowa removed three state supreme court justices to punish them for upholding principles of equal protection. Don’t these cretins realize that once you hamstring equal protection principles in application to one group, you hurt protections for yourselves? We are all minorities in someone else’s scheme.
— Marco Luxe, web, April 2

You sound like a lunatic. This article represents one of the many reasons why the vast majority of Americans oppose gay marriage (and yes, they do, despite the bogus polling a few firms have decided to release). A radical conservative, the opposite from you, could just as easily create a nightmare fantasy scenario describing what may happen if gay marriage or homosexuality in general were to become more accepted in our society. Of course, that would be silly, just like all the nonsense that you wrote. … I am gay, and I oppose gay marriage, as do many normal gay people. I will work hard to have my point of view heard here in NC, so that we can finally pass a marriage amendment here. I grew up in Massachusetts and really don’t feel like seeing my new home state slide downhill as well.
— Steve, web, April 2

@Steve — There are most certainly radical theocratic forces in North Carolina actively seeking to marginalize the LGBT citizens of North Carolina and the current limited rights of LGBT North Carolinians.
For evidence, visit or or
These groups (Christian Action League, NC Family Policy Council, Return America) lobby the legislature, file lawsuits, and produce “educational” materials to further their bigoted ends.
These are simple facts evident and trumpeted on their own websites. It is not hyperbole to note their actions and self-proclaimed aspirations.
— Appellation, web, April 3