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Non-discrimination laws
Readers respond to Mecklenburg County commissioners’ vote on transgender worker protections (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/25492/)

I was surprised to see that this man thinks women have x-ray vision which would allow them to see the genitals of a person in the stall next to them! HA HA! It’s laughable, true, but that’s the kind of arguments I’ve seen over and over again from people who oppose the inclusion of gender identity in nondiscrimination laws. You have to wonder why the arguments are so silly. I’m pretty sure they are such nonsense because the opponents of such laws can’t come up with anything that makes real sense to oppose them. Hundreds of places, states, cities, counties, towns and villages have already passed nondiscrimination laws that include gender identity, the first in 1976! Not one of these places has ever seen any of the doomsday scenarios the opponents of this law like to spin. Kudos to Commissioner Kim Ratliff and the other wise people who voted for this important issue. Thank you!
— Emelye, Oct. 18, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com

I think that it’s interesting that men always bring up the women’s restroom thing, when it’s obvious that they’ve never been in one. Women’s restrooms, unlike men’s, do not have open stalls. I’ve been in restrooms KNOWING that there was a man (not a trans woman) in the next stall. There’s a door and a lock. What’s the problem? Can’t a man see a woman washing her hands?
— Becky, Oct. 16, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com

After digesting the words Bill James used referring to men in dresses and little Bo Peep using the women’s room at the meeting last night, I have a question. What does that have to do with equal employment protections? Is that the best he could come up with? Please. Isn’t the truth of the matter that he could sit there and say that transgender people don’t deserve to work because deep down he is bigoted? Is it true that he feels that LGBT people should be eradicated out of existence because he feels they are an abomination? Does he know there are people out there that are so affected by the decisions he makes, it could cause them to be homeless? Does his Christian values and belief allow him to sit there to judge and control the destiny and the lives of transgender people who have a 1 in 15 suicide rate because of lack of acceptance and not being able to support themselves because they can’t find employment? I think because he is a Tar Heel he is a better person than that. I feel as a fellow Christian that he is better man than what was displayed. I hope he searches deep into his soul and realizes the responsibilities he has as a commissioner that will affect people lives for many years to come. I pray he steps up to represent all citizens in a Christian way. If no one else does, I love you.
— Janice Covington, Oct. 16, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com