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Praise for Brafford

Readers respond with messages of support and praise for Greg Brafford, a local LGBT bar owner who survived a shooting and attempted robbery (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/30904/):

I am stating a fact about what an Outstanding guy Greg Brafford is and how he does everyone. He is like a father to me and several. Regardless of who or what you are, he bends over backwards to help anyone out. It’s horrible this happened to him. But, I’m glad he survived. That shows you how the society is in our world. Regardless, everyone must be extremely careful of their surroundings. You never know what will happen. I wish the best to a great guy, Greg Brafford, and hope he progresses. Lots of love Greg.

— David Shawn Rhyne, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com, Aug. 24

I just found out about this yesterday and was deeply saddened and horrified. My best to Greg and Karl, I love you both and wish you a speedy recovery!

— Dave Subak, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com, Aug. 27

HIV a gay disease?

Readers react to editor Matt Comer’s column in the Aug. 29 print edition, “Community leadership should make HIV a priority” (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/30943/):

Matt, thank you for putting into words what I am experiencing in the HIV/AIDS field. Trying to reduce misconceptions while enlightening gay and bisexual men about the increased incidence rates is a tight rope that is not easily attained. I want to share what you have written. Thank you.

— Annie Earle, MPH, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com, Aug. 29

If you haven’t read the book “Dry Bones Breathe” you should. Did anyone care to relate the incidence and percentages of HIV transmission via anal sex in both straights and gays? I thought not. Until our society will allow us to sensualize the condom for gay people little will happen. We should have big hung porn stars at the bars on weekends getting paid to let met put condoms on them. Our society is so repressed sexually when it come to gays that we don’t stand a chance in Hell. There is also the aspect of society that are “risk takers”. Both gay and straight….these are the folks who ski slopes they haven’t mastered, speed on highways in the rain and run red lights etc. You won’t find them putting on condoms. I worked for 2 agencies and found both to be so repressed that they constipated all efforts at reducing risk.

— kitcumbie, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com, Aug. 30

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