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LGBT Dems & Trans Inclusion

Readers discuss and respond to allegations from transgender activist Janice Covington of exclusion by LGBT Democrats of North Carolina Vice President Concetta Caliendo (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/23693/):

Stand by your principles, Democratic Women of Mecklenburg County. Once you let a trans*woman into your group, the agenda will be All Trans* Issues, All the Time. It’s happened all over the country, with Lesbian organizations, so that there are no Lesbian organizations that haven’t been co-opted by the Trans*Activist Agenda.
— A Lesbian Democrat, June 28, web comment

Dear “A Lesbian Democrat”
Your TERF (trans-exclusionary radical feminist) agenda and what it represents is no better than the bigoted regressive agenda of the religious right. Trans people do NOT want to take over anything of yours or exclude you in any way, we simply want equal rights as American citizens just as you do.
— Toni Browning-Early, June 28, web comment

Concetta is an outspoken advocate for equal rights for all LGBT folks. Her loyalty is only surpassed by her love for her LGBT sisters and brothers. Her work will continue and we all benefit from it. Thank you Concetta.
— Marsha, June 29, web comment

This is absolutely an outrage. It is beyond me when I see prejudice and exclusion from people within another minority group. Sadly, I have also experienced rude behavior from a very few gay men personally for being Trans. I don’t get it. There seems to be a hierarchy of priorities within the LGBT community and Trans and Bi are on the bottom of the list. I can understand Trans people who have come to the conclusion that they are not welcome in the Gay Community and want nothing to do with it.
— Nikki H, June 29, web comment

No one who knows Concetta could never imagine her behaving in the manner of which she has been accused.
— Leah, June 29, web comment

LGBT Dems and Transparency

Readers respond to editor Matt Comer’s editorial, “Lack of transparency casts doubt on LGBT Democrats’ ability to lead” (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/23788/):

So basically you’re just personally offended that they didn’t respond to you quickly enough? And many of the questions you’ve listed above do appear to be answered in the statements you refer to. Maybe you should read them again. It’s shameful to see you attack such a good organization with so little reguard to facts and a basic sense of fair play.
— NC Democrat, July 5, web comment

Matt you present it as it is. The past and present noinclusiveness of the LGBT Demacrates is very real.This is a exclusive club that does not include transgenders. Good job of bringing out the RATS.
— Dragonfly, July 8, web comment