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Readers respond to and have their own conversation following editor Matt Comer and writer Charles Easley’s July 4 commentary, “A Conversation on Black Pride” (qnotescarolinas.com/30084/).

I can’t believe what I just read. Matt Comer doesn’t seem to be able to conduct an interview much less serve as an editor. Someone really trying to get down to the issues at hand would be blunt with this ‘Charles’ person instead of agreeing with everything he says and siding with him out of fear of a foolish ‘racism’ attack.

It’s obvious this man plays the victim as is reflected in his comments and refuses to address the real issue. PRIDE should be all inclusive and is open to all of us, black or white. Who cares if your coming out is different? That’s not the point. Should white people have ‘WHITE PRIDE’ because they say blacks don’t understand what they go through? There would be hell to pay if such a thing happened and it would be considered racist from the start. Yet, it’s ok to have a ‘Black Pride’, which of course isn’t racist at all.

Next time get someone to pose questions that really address the heart of the issue and be blunt about the real concerns about why people don’t feel there should be a separate Pride event based on skin color.

— SR321, qnotescarolinas.com, July 5

My friend, the interview was intelligent and on point. You seemed to be so filled with resentment that you didn’t fully read it but pick out certain points to back up your point of view. It’s not about racism or separation bur acknowledging that our community is extremely diverse and we should celebrate that diversity. All are welcome at black prides so I don’t see where this belief of separation comes from

— a.mcewen, qnotescarolinas.com, July 9

Maybe you should do some re-reading and figure out why it is that all you can do is try and find things to back up your point of view. Sorry to break it to you, but there are multitudes of people here in Charlotte who agree that there is no reason for a Black Gay Pride. Seems like you failed to answer the above poster’s question about why not a White Gay Pride? Yes, we know, that’s a tough one!

Whether or not all people are welcome at black gay pride is beside the point. Would black people rush to come out to an event called “white gay pride”? The separation is in the title of the event itself. Sorry you are having such a difficult time seeing what is so obvious to most.

The interview was not intelligent and missed the point. Why do you think there is resentment just because someone points out something you don’t agree with or may be a fact to others? If you wanted to ‘celebrate all diversity’, just attend the one Pride event that is held that doesn’t specify color in the title!

— Maxillary, qnotescarolinas.com, July 9