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Thank you
The Charlotte Business Guild would like to take a moment and thank everyone from the community who celebrated our 22 year anniversary last evening. Each and every member of our community is important to the life and story of the Guild and to the businesses, professionals and organizations that it supports. We also are humbled by our elected and organizational leaders that took time out of their schedules to celebrate with us. Look how far we have come since 1992! Want to know what is going on? Check out the website at charlottebusinessguild.org or download our Charlotte Business Guild App! Again, thanks and we look forward to two more decades of service to the Charlotte LGBT community and supporters.
— Chad Sevearance, June 25, qnotescarolinas.com

Readers react strongly to a GOP leader’s comments linking homosexuality and pedophilia (qnotescarolinas.com/29991/):

It is no wonder that many LGBT young people flee North Carolina as soon as they are able. Our corrupt “good ole boy” legislature seems to be firmly anchored in the 1950’s exhibiting a religious tenacity matched only by the Taliban.
— Jimmy Locke, June 25, qnotescarolinas.com

Well, you can tell election season is almost upon us. Gottya get that base riled up so theyll come out (so to speak) and vote in the kind of droves usually reserved for mindless cattle.
— Sean Martin, June 25, qnotescarolinas.com

This has become to norm in today’s GOP in both the Carolinas and across the country. This fellow isn’t some wayward county vice chair who some would explain away,this is the NC house speaker pro tem. Second highest GOP member of the NC legislature. The guy knows exactly what he is doing. Folks, the radical right wing fringe is indeed running the GOP from top to bottom. Can not see how anyone in the LGBT community could cast a Republican vote. Frankly, I wonder how anyone with the smallest bit of empathy for others would vote for these wretches.
— Jim Thompson, June 25, qnotescarolinas.com

The fight continues
A reader reacts to the June 6 Editor’s Note, “A new Stonewall rallying cry: Leave no one behind” (qnotescarolinas.com/29854/):

I’m sorry, but I don’t agree that were are less active. We are becoming accepted, and as we are how we fight must change. We cannot riot now, not without alinating the people who have shown us support. We must work to speak out and to maintain an understanding of the issues. The fight continues, but how we fight must change to insure change continues.
— Erica Cook, June 22, qnotescarolinas.com

Cooper’s Amendment One defense
Readers weigh in on North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s recent filings in the continued defense of Amendment One (qnotescarolinas.com/29787/):

Mr. Cooper, the interest of the state? Really? What exactly is the interest of the state other than to discriminate? That is the worst reply you could possibly make! You know it’s discriminatory, not to mention you are only prolonging the inevitable and at a cost to the taxpayer. I usually have faith in our AG, but this has made me question you.
— Brian, June 11, qnotescarolinas.com

Denied because it would “significantly alter the status quo.” Isn’t that the whole point of the lawsuit/petition?
— Dave Connelly, June 11, qnotescarolinas.com

NC needs to stop living in the past and stop being so homophobic. If two people are in love what ever race or gender why the he’ll should it bother anyone. I think we have some changes to make in some of our old time values and politicians and why I am at it I also think priest should also be allowed to marry. Loving mother of a gay couple.
— Joan Perugini, June 13, qnotescarolinas.com