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LGBT inaction in Charlotte

It’s ridiculous and political homophobia at its best that CLT CC still has not had a dais vote on anything in 21 yrs. Columbia, Charleston, Triangle/Triad…been there done that. The Carolinas biggest metro: 0. Seriously?

— Forrest, June 12, in response to our editorial calling on LGBT-inclusive changes to Charlotte’s Commercial Non-Discrimination Ordinance (qnotescarolinas.com/23430/). See story at qnotescarolinas.com/23430/.

ENDA is important

I personally feel that ENDA is the more important of the two. Without marriage you can survive but without a job how can you live unless you are personally wealthy. My Momma taught me that I need a job before I can get married.

— Janice Covington, May 25, in response to our QPoll (qnotescarolinas.com/23102/) asking whether LGBT advocates are expending adequate attention and resources on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

What Pride means

Pride means that we have the responsibility to create a society where we can all be judged on the content of our character, not the gender identity/expression or sexual orientation we manifest. It is our role to stand up and be proud of ourselves. We should not be seeking approval from the larger society, but we should be demanding our civil inclusion in all laws and regulations. We are complete beings who are not diseased, depraved, or damaged. Intolerance, bigotry, and discrimination are what ails NC. Our Pride is our Voice. Not our silent retreat into stereotypes and hyperbole. Silence=Death.

— Jack Register, May 28, Facebook, in response to our reader question, “What does Pride mean to you?”