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Media as Medium

When we think of media, we think of news, and the current events and happenings of the world near and far. It’s defined in one manner as “the main means of mass communication (especially television, radio, newspapers, and the Internet) regarded collectively.” But there’s a second definition on the books that I think many of us take for granted.

I think the most underrated, and even more so the under-appreciated, aspect of the media is how it performs as a medium for the community. Think Whoopi Goldberg in “Ghost.” Sure, her character had her own voice (with plenty of sass), but the voice that carried the movie was not hers, it was the voice she was channeling. She made the conscious decision to forgo her own wants and desires (including a check for $4 million in one scene) in order to carry the voice of Patrick Swayze’s character and do the right thing.

It presents an interesting question: how many of our editors and writers and publishers forgo their own wants and desires and yes, sometimes even basic needs, in order to be the medium for the community by which they have sworn to do the right thing, and to protect, preserve, empower, and give their voices a Whoopi Goldberg to make them count? How many of them have given up the preverbal $4 million to do the right thing, in one way or another?

For that, I say thank you. Thank you for your sacrifices, for your dedication, and your commitment to doing your part to try make the world a better place.

— Gary Carpenter, Harrisburg, letter

Cooper defends Amendment One

Readers react to news of North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper’s official filing asking for a stay on the latest lawsuit challenging the state’s anti-LGBT constitutional amendment (qnotescarolinas.com/29787/).

Denied because it would “significantly alter the status quo.” Isn’t that the whole point of the lawsuit/petition?

— Dave Connelly, June 11, qnotescarolinas.com

Mr. Cooper, the interest of the state? Really? What exactly is the interest of the state other than to discriminate? That is the worst reply you could possibly make! You know it’s discriminatory, not to mention you are only prolonging the inevitable and at a cost to the taxpayer. I usually have faith in our AG, but this has made me question you.

— Brian, June 11, qnotescarolinas.com

Gay Marriage needs to pass in NC. We are all equal. It will be great for Humanity

— Nils Bundy, June 11, qnotescarolinas.com