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Marriage bill

Readers respond to the passage of a bill allowing magistrates to refuse services to same-gender couples. The bill was vetoed by Gov. Pat McCrory on May 28, but the legislature might seek to override his decision. See the discussion below and be sure to follow along for the latest news updates at

This is state is so idiotic in their thinking. Did you know that in North Carolina it is legal to marry your first cousin!!! Are these Magistrates and Registers going to refuse to marry or issue licenses to people who have been divorced, who do not share their religious beliefs? It is discrimination pure and simple. I say do the job you are being paid to do or quit! So, are these magistrates also discriminating against the LGBT community in their “criminal, pressing charges, capacity. Because if they can’t let their religious beliefs go for something as beautiful as love and commitment, what do you think they are doing in their other criminal and civil responsibilities?
— Leesa Nixon, May 27

If magistrates do not want to do their jobs according to their oath, and based on their religious beliefs, they have the right to resign. This legislation sets a precedent for ALL positions to pick and choose who they serve. That, my friends, will backfire as this law will support every religion, not just Christians. It will support Muslims, Jews, atheists, and the countless other religious factions. Christianity is not the only religion. Stop acting like it is.
— Chris Lappa, May 27

Are any of those who use “religion” as the reason why they shouldn’t be required to issue licenses, perform marriages, etc. also going to refuse to issue licenses or perform marriages for those who are divorced? Or those who had sex prior to marriage? The person who argued that same sex marriage is perverted blah blah blah needs to ask himself if he would say that if he had a family member that was LGBT. Uggghhhh……..
— Angie, May 27

This country and this state is made up of people of many different faiths, and not all them have same doctrine. How can the state force one religions beliefs on everyone’s for varying faiths. That is why from the beginning state and national law was separated from religion. They can not and should not dictate one another, it is an unfathomable conflict of interest. Lawmakers who use religion as a basis for creating laws are most discriminating people of all. They are bullies that are trying to force their personal beliefs on the public as a whole, the people who they are suppose to support. Now I call that discrimination at it’s worst.
— Shonn, May 28

Thank You Governor McCrory for agreeing to veto this discriminatory piece of legislation because had you signed this legislation into law then legal organizations from around the country would have taken this issue to court and it would have met the same fate as amendment one being found illegal and unconstitutional but only after wasted precious tax payer money
— Nicholas, May 28

Boom Boom LaTour

Readers respond to Buff Faye’s column on Boom Boom LaTour, currently recovering from a heart attack. You can read Buff’s column online at

Boom Boom and I have been friends for nearly 40 years now and I was in shock to hear of her medical situation because sometimes I think time stands still and we stay the same but we don’t. I am praying for you Boom Boom ,my friend to have a full recovery and get back to the front desk to greet us all at Scorpio’s
— Janice Covington, May 8

I remember being a timid little twink, many moons ago, & working at Velocity… Boom Boom took me under her wing and brought out the quick witted, sarcastic ray of sunshine that everyone has grown to know & love today… Get well soon honey… Sending love & well wishes your way… <3
— Mat, May 8

I am so sad to hear about this I’ve known boom boom for many years even before I came out the closet I would visit Scorpios. I would always enjoy coming into Scorpios and seeing his smiling face sitting greeting everyone and he was always very nice to me flirting with me from time to time but always very nice. Im wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully will see you again greeting me at the door at Scorpios. It’s not the same without you there please hurry back missing your lovely smile! Love you very much!
— Blu Ice aka Scott Isaac, May 9

This man has raised me since I was born he is the best mother and father I could ever ask for ! This man has had a huge impact on my life he taught me how to be strong and keep my head up high with the cards life has dealt me! I truly thank everybody for the love and support thru this time.
— Audrey Etters, May 16

Boom boom although I can’t be there with you right now just know that I’m thinking of you and I hope that you’re back to yourself very soon. Although I can’t be there with you right now just know that I’m thinking of you and I hope that you’re back to yourself very soon.
— Ricky Burns, May 17