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Council leadership

Readers respond to the editorial “Government for all of/or the few? Charlotte Council can decide now,” qnotescarolinas.com/22295/.

Making change means being involved. It’s easy to sit on the sidelines and be dissatisfied. If someone is not happy, then run for office and make a change.
— Janice Covington, April 15, qnotescarolinas.com.

Kudos for having the courage to call out the “white elephant” in print!!! Unfortunately, the two budget proposals under consideration fail to address the needs and concerns of 95% of the city’s residents. And, the sheer arrogance of proposing $25M in upgrades for the BoJangles arena on top of the $120M already approved for the Panthers’ stadium… while asking for property tax increase!!! Ugh!!! Charlotte desperately needs a change in leadership. A great start would be a grassroots push towards remapping council districts. Too many council members continue to be reelected each cycle without having to face real competition or accountability.
— LkNmn, April 17, qnotescarolinas.com

Caribou’s closing

So sad, have many great memories. The inclusive diverse vibe that was there is hard to find in Charlotte. Lets hope another brand will move in and start a new chapter. The location is prime, should not be empty too long. Hopefully. RIP Queerbou.
— Forrest, April 15, qnotescarolinas.com, in response to “More than a gay hang out, Dilworth Caribou built social fabric,” qnotescarolinas.com/22038/.

Candidate says thanks

Thank you to QNotes news for highlighting Gordon’s commitment to LGBT equality in Asheville. #GoGordon
— Gordon Smith Campaign, April 13, @GordonForAVL, Twitter, in response to “Asheville councilman cites LGBT support in bid for re-election,” qnotescarolinas.com/22369/.


Readers respond to “Latina leader says gays are an abomination,” qnotescarolinas.com/21959/.

She didn’t say that gays are an abomination. She quoted scripture that admonishes the act of being gay. She has the right to state her opinion.
— Beth Champion, April 8, qnotescarolinas.com.

I hope that members of Rev. Melendez’ family and community can help her outgrow her obsession with certain passages in a three thousand year old religious text of a tribe of nomadic sheep herders. I happen to find what later religious texts quoting Jesus of Nazareth say about gays and gay marriage to be much more embraceable. As far as I know, Jesus is not quoted as saying anything about gays. Perhaps he didn’t see the need to single them out for discrimination the way so many of his “followers” have over the years.
— Phil Kabza, April 8, qnotescarolinas.com.

Am sad to read about Rev. Melendez and her stand on our LGBT community. This point by her lets me to understand that for someone whom is fighting for and an immigration reform is only doing it for a few and not all. She does not seem to know and needs some training on cultural diversity from within her community that happens to be not just straight but, also LGBT. Thank you for sharing now am not sure if I should team up with her Jesus Ministries to work within our community at large or not.
— Jose Alegria, April 4, qnotescarolinas.com.