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Readers respond to our initial online report detailing a decrease in anti-LGBT funding by Chick-fil-A (see story at goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/27860).

Less of my dollars spent there going to discriminate against me isn’t good enough for me. Especially if they aren’t treating their LGBT employees right. They’re going to have to do better before I’ll eat there again.
— Jake, March 4, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com

It’s definitely progress, and I’m happy about that, however they still do harm and I’m nowhere ready to “congratulate” them yet.
— Scott Woosley, March 4, Facebook

I am not certain why we spend so much time trying to “fix” this company. So if the bar is set to “doesn’t give to hate groups” then I think are standards are too low for what a successful corporation is. That they still give to even one group does not surprise me, that we are still trying to find a way to support them does actually surprise me. I read the article and their quotes and I still don’t see anything that looks like an apology, nor do I see a community oriented commitment to social justice. So what are we still eating in this place?
— Joshua Burford, March 4, Facebook

I haven’t in years. Sucks bc I love the food. But I love myself more and don’t want my own money going to “charities” who want to change me, or worse.
— Travis Parker, March 4, Facebook

Arizona discrimination

Readers react to our report on Feb. 21 detailing Arizona-style ‘religious freedom’ discrimination legislation introduced in North Carolina’s legislature last year (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/27665/). The Arizona legislation has since been vetoed (goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/27703/).

I know this is wrong but a small part of me wants this to pass so that we can expose the ridiculousness of these laws and have great examples for the future generations of the lengths to which the religious politicians will go to attack the LGBT community. This concept that they have passed is against every aspect of American ideals. The legislatures involved should be thrown out of office and shamed by the whole country.
— Wade, Feb. 22, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com

Religious beliefs? Don’t make me laugh! The cowards who hide behind their religion probably have no idea how many of their Gods laws they break every singe day of their lives! They are the hugest, most bigoted hypocrites there are. Thank My God that all life is valued in My God’s eyes and only my God can judge me!
— Richard, Feb 22, goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com