Congratulations! Great article and nice to see these forward thinking leaders being recognized for their professional accomplishments. Way to go Charlotte!

— Robert Kellogg, in response to our 2013 People of the Year (, Dec. 20

Lincoln County debate

Readers and detractors react to news of a gay-straight alliance in Lincoln County (

the bigoted reaction of religious rednecks is exactly why the school needs the club-sorry bigots-your time be up!!

— Normandy, Dec. 17

As a student of west lincoln high school I’ve about had it with this Gay straight alliance club. I’m a religious person and I strongly believe in the word of God and this club greatly offends my beliefs. If that makes me prejudice then I say take it up with God because I’m only following as his word. This probably would not have been such a conflict if they had reframed from using the word Gay in the title, but they obviously chose to do it inorder to cause this uproar. I dislike the fact that they put the posters on every hall way in the school thus your subject to it at least once daily. Call me a bigoted religious redneck all you want but the only one opinion I care about is the opinion of God almighty.

— Paul Timmons, Dec. 17

And to think I wanted my kids to attend west as I did. Put the confederate battle flag back on the stadium, bring god back to school and then I wouldn’t mind these kids that think they’re gay vandalizing the halls with rubbish. Don’t take others rights away if you don’t want you’res taken away. Hypocrites. Just hypocrites. Now gay hypocrites. Jesus help us.

— Rusty Shackleford, Dec. 18

Gods so called words was written hundreds of years after Jesus’s death and written by people like you and me. If you don’t think that most of it got lost in translation then you are hiding behind your own fear.

— WJohnson, Dec. 19

Who’s God? Remember not everyone in this world believes the same things you do. Lots of religions, lots of believes. Your God’s word means nothing to many people so it shouldn’t be forced on anyone.

— MattF, Dec. 19