Change. Something some people have a difficult time with. They hate change so much they tend to get stagnant or stuck in a rut and miss out on some good adventures or opportunities. Others want to change things all the time. They move the furniture around constantly, their dating life is a revolving door and they change up their entire style or fashion every few months.

There is always change of some kind in the newspaper business, of course. Good. Bad. Bittersweet. All this change keeps us on our feet. The newest change for qnotes is in our staff.

Jeff Taylor has accepted a new and exciting position and I would like to thank him for all he has done here at qnotes. For about three years, Jeff has done great work as a staff writer and social media editor. The rest of the staff and I will miss you, Jeff, and we all wish you the best in your new position! Perhaps Jeff will still do some things for us down the road, after he gets settled in his new job. After all, who knows where life will take you and how paths may cross some day in the future!

I also want to welcome back to the qnotes family, Matt Comer. Matt joins us as a staff writer and social media manager. He will be writing for our print and online publications and managing the day-to-day activity of our social media. Matt previously served as the editor of qnotes from October 2007 to August 2015.

The newspaper is also currently looking for another part-time staff writer or freelance writer. We are particularly looking for writers with knowledge on local and state politics, as well as government reporting. Additionally, writers with an interest in arts and entertainment coverage, especially on the local and regional level, are also encouraged to reach out. Diverse candidates are encouraged to inquire. If interested, email a cover letter, resume and samples to

As for change — losing a good writer like Jeff is bitter and gaining a good writer like Matt is sweet. No one said change was ever easy.

Thanks again, Jeff, for your contributions!