Spring is upon us. Or, at the very least, we’re hoping it is. Daylight Savings Time has come. The days seem longer, as the sun shines later into the evenings. The temperatures are rising, though one last freeze isn’t out of the question. As spring showers descend upon us, the dogwoods blossom and all that is green and happy returns to this part of the world, we are reminded of rebirth and renewal.

It’s fitting, then, that spring should also bring so many community events and fundraisers here in the local LGBT community. Organizations a plenty are throwing fundraising parties and events and they’re asking for your much-needed support. Groups like House of Mercy and the Regional AIDS Interfaith Network will soon hold their annual AIDS Walks. On April 6, RAIN kicks it off with the Amazing Race Bar Crawl. On April 13, House of Mercy raises awareness and funds in Belmont.

Other groups, too, are readying themselves for the year ahead. Charlotte Pride, on whose executive committee I’m privileged to serve, will hold its first fundraiser of the year on March 29 at The Scorpio. On March 22, Southern Country Charlotte holds a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the LGBT Community Center of Charlotte, all leading up to their April 19-21 Queen City Stomp, an annual tradition that’s plenty of fun, but also an important fundraiser for the center, Time Out Youth and One Voice Chorus.

These aren’t the only organizations presenting events this spring season. There are many, many more. You’ll hear about them in later issues of the newspaper. Take a look at this issue’s Q Events calendar and others in forthcoming issues, as well as our online calendar at goqnotes-launch2.newspackstaging.com/calendar/ for more on these events and others.

What each of these organizations all have in common are the people — just like you and me — who work tirelessly, mostly as volunteers, to ensure our local LGBT community continues to move forward and grow. Each of the groups supports a wide array of other causes or provides much-needed services to those in need. Your generous support of the organizations that make the Queen City a truly LGBT-friendly and welcoming place is important.

As March fades away and the warmer April and May months give way to the heat of summer, I hope you’ll mark these events and others on your social calendars. Though the economy is improving, we all know it’s still tough; so, if you can’t give financially, I encourage you to volunteer a few hours here and there where our community organizations need your person-power to keep their services and operations running smoothly.

When we, collectively, speak of our “community,” we speak of a full spectrum of individuals, community groups, businesses and more which bring fun to our lives, stability, safety or healthcare. These people and organizations are what make me proud to be the editor of this newspaper, the chronicler of LGBT life in Charlotte and North Carolina.

Join with me this spring in dedicating your time — and, if possible, your money — in supporting our own local LGBT community. As always, we’re in this together, and, united, we will all prosper. : :

Matt Comer previously served as editor from October 2007 through August 2015 and as a staff writer afterward in 2016.