Hello kiddies — here we are again, back to talk about contests and the girls (and sometimes guys) who do them. I hope this finds everyone doing well and ready for spring and the time change that’s upon us as well. Oh, boy! Longer nights — can’t wait! Ha!

Before we get started, I wanted to mention a few exciting pageants that are coming up where you can run into yours truly — and two of them are the same weekend!

Chip Matthews, Stone Parque, Barbara Mayberry and Monica Jeffries.

Mike Rhinehart is having his Miss Gay Mid-East America prelim at Scorpio on Friday, April 1 and I feel a bloodbath coming on for those of you who like watching the boy queens compete. There are rumors of queens coming in from all around to be seen on the Scorpio stage (a Miss America stronghold and winner of many awards in that system) and for an ample prize package as well. Come on out and let’s cheer on Jessica Jade as she gives up the title and see Raleigh’s own Coti Collins who is the reigning Miss Gay America.

Three nights later, at Club Mekka in Miami, Alyson Thomas presents her Carolina Continental pageants — “regular,” PLUS, Elite and the Mr. I do know I’ll accompany Miss Carolina Continental Elite Macy Alexander and good sis Leslie Lain to the festivities. I’m told Versage may be on-hand to film. I know y’all saw Versage on the season opener of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” right? More on this later!

The third contest I was mentioning is Miss NC U.S.ofA., coming up the third weekend of March at Warehouse 29 in Greensboro. Don’t miss it! I wonder if I’ll catch a glimpse of one of my favorite queens of all time, Kelly Raye? A bitch can only hope!

Speaking of the “Drag Race,” by the time this comes out, contestant Stacy Layne Matthews will have already graced the stage of the Scorpio and had an on-stage chat with Roxxy C. Moorecox. I’ll follow up on that in an upcoming edition.

Since I mentioned Warehouse 29, it’s only fitting that I should mention the Mardi Gras contest they just had. My good sis Arabia Kinght-Addams was relinquishing the title and Monica Marlo won Talent, Gown and the crown! I’ve not seen this ole gal compete in ages! Congrats, sis, from one old school sis to another! Her runners-up were Cherries Jubilee (who won On-Stage and tied in Presentation with Monica) and Malaya Chanel Iman.

A new pageant that I’ll mention took place some time ago in Hickory at Club Cabaret — the Don’t H8 contest. This organization is made up of a group of folks who will be travelling to do musical numbers, dance routines, acting skits or a combination thereof. They did a Miss and Mr. contest with Monica Jeffries and Chip Matthews crowning the new folks — Barbara Mayberry with 1st RU Lexy and a newcomer to the stage, Stone Parque, and his RU Skyler. Miss Gay North America Supreme Ashley Adams hosted along with Jeff Reeves. Stone also recently just won Mr. NC Unlimited Classique while Diamonique won the Miss title.

In closing, I’ll tell you about what will (probably) be the final two benefits for my sponsored kid’s housing and school fund — and they involve drag, of course, so it’s all good. Buff Faye’s drag brunch in February at Hartigan’s was a lot of fun and a success — it featured Buff, Kiana Layne, Sierra Santana, Miley Virus and Brooke Divine. The total contribution ended up being $215 and I happen to know visiting artist Brooke made cute tips that day (her birthday) — so see Buff if you’d like to make some extra money on a Sunday afternoon. The following Friday night, I was at the Rainbow House at Myrtle Beach where Jessica Raye and her husband Nick hosted me and Morgan Richards was pouring the cocktails. In the show, Jessica, Imani Tate, Daisha Monet Tate and Kristina DeeVine, along with a most lovely owner Miss Micki, helped me raise $600 for my Gerardo in Honduras. In the last year, along with family and friends, we’ve raised right at $13k! So, the land and house are paid for, there will be appliances purchased and his school year should be paid for as well. It really does take a village, Secretary Clinton! : :

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