Now playing // USA
White Collar

USA’s original series “White Collar” opened up its second season on Jan. 19, just a few days before this print issue hit the streets. Maybe you missed the first season, but it shouldn’t take you long to catch up. All you need to know: actor Matt Bomer is hot, and openly gay. Enough said.

1/25 // FX

It’s all about the money. Glenn Close stars as Patty Hewes in the third season of FX’s hit series on the leading ladies of Wall St.

Matt Bomer stars as Neil Caffrey in USAs White Collar. Photo Credit: USA Networks
Matt Bomer stars as Neil Caffrey in USA's 'White Collar.' Photo Credit: USA Networks

2/2 // ABC

The time has finally come for answers. Or, at least that’s what we’ve heard. You’ve been waiting forever and a day to figure it all out. No more, “What the hell is happening” moments. All eyes will be opened.

3/8 // The CW
Gossip Girl

The CW’s hit show of teen angst in the world of New York wealth and privilege returns with new episodes on Wednesdays at 9 p.m., starting March 8. All grown up, the teens have left high school behind them. Off to college, a future of more scandal, secrets and backbiting awaits.

4/11 // Showtime
The Tudors

Really, what’s not to like? Half-naked, beefy English guys grappling for power, groveling for favor. The gays, and the gals, just love this show. But you’ve only got one last chance to see Jonathan Rhys-Myers in this final season of “The Tudors.”

4/13 // Fox

Sing out to your heart’s delight. All the drama. All the passion. All the high school, hormonal emotion. After a fabulous first season, “Glee” returns with more great tunes and laughs.

This article was published in the Jan. 23 — Feb. 5 print edition.