Local LGBT choral groups and the Charlotte Pride Band have a doozy of a spring season ahead of them, with exciting performances planned through June.

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Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte

3/30 // ‘The Big Gay Sing’

The Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte promises hilarious costumes, outrageous choreography and plenty of community choral harmony in its first “The Big Gay Sing.”

Director John Quillin and members have pulled together over 100 performers from a variety of community organizations, like the Charlotte Royals rugby team, Southern Country Charlotte and the Charlotte Roller Girls, among others, for this special night.

The inspiration for the night of communal singing was inspired by New York City’s Gay Men’s Chorus, says Quillin.

“We’re sort of taking it to the next level,” Quillin says. “We’re bringing folks on stage you don’t usually find on a concert stage…and it gives a chance for us to connect to groups in town we’ve not had an opportunity to work with before but also gives them access to an audience they may not have had before.”

Quillin promises the night’s program will be interesting, including songs from a variety of genres. The chorus will also be encouraging audience participation.

“We hope they will be prepared to sing along,” Quillin says. “We’ve actually put these songs in keys that are friendly to singing along and we’ll project words for a bunch of the songs, probably all but about four numbers.”

The chorus has also been preparing with choreography, including a number for “Hey, Mickey.”

“It’s been more fun than a barrel of monkeys,” Quillin says with a laugh. “I cannot wait unitl they’re on stage doing that!”

The concert will be emceed by Roxy C. Moorecox, featuring special guests from the Charlotte Pride Band, the Charlotte Royals Rugby Team, the Charlotte Roller Girls, Southern Country Charlotte and local youth. Guest star Jacques Snyman (pictured), of South Africa, will perform with the chorus.

“The Big Gay Sing” will be held March 30, 8:04 p.m., Halton Theater, CPCC. Tickets $20-$30.

For more information or ticket purchases, visit gmccharlotte.org.

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One Voice Chorus

2/17 // ‘Telescopic Hearts’

One Voice’s small ensemble, Sotto Voce, performs. UNC-Charlotte Uptown.

3/6 // ‘Songs of Wisdom’

One Voice Chorus will partner with the American Guild of Organists and perform half a concert of choral/organ works and half a concert featuring “Song of Wisdom from Old Turtle,” a children’s book with a touching message about peace. First United Methodist Church.

6/6-8 // ‘Hollywood Squares’

It is back! One Voice will have a visit from the Queen (no, not Elton John), Amy Winehouse and others! Of course, the music will all be a “British Invasion” spanning from the Beatles to Adele. It’s one rowdy show one bloody well would not want to miss! N.C. Dance Theatre.

For more information on performance locations, ticket prices and purchasing and more, visit onevoicechorus.com.

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Charlotte Pride Band

2/23 // ‘Moment in Time’

The Charlotte Pride Band presents “A Moment in Time: Music of Poetry and Prose,” honoring the works of Shakespeare, Poe and Kipling. Feb. 23, 2:30 p.m. Myers Park Baptist Church. Tickets $13-$22.50.

For more information or ticket purchases, visit charlotteprideband.org.

 — Show and performance descriptions and synopses courtesy various marketing materials